Days Of Play Starts Today!


It’s time to explore the Magical Forest! From February 15 – 22, log into Webkinz World to get 3 free plays in the Magical Forest every day! Here’s a look at the schedule so you can see what sections you’ll get access to:



Your free plays will be automatically awarded to your account the first time you log into Webkinz each day, but you’ll only be able to access the Magical Forest on the web or Desktop app. The Magical Forest is not available on the Webkinz mobile app.


What did you find in the Magical Forest today? Let us know in the comments section below…


23 Responses to Days Of Play Starts Today!

  1. bananasbw says:

    The problem I have with the Magical Forest Fairy Falls Tree Series 1 is: all my slots are filled with charms but there are 2 Wow charms. I purchased a Black Lab Charm April 29th, 2018, entered the code & figured it would either bump out 1 of the Wow charms or be sitting in my dock. Neither occurred. Since then, I have been trying to deal with Customer Service’s Technical Team to remove the extra Wow charm & explain where the Lab Charm went. To this day, my issue has not been resolved.

  2. alucard says:

    I’ve almost stopped playing in the Magical Forest, except for playing Pixie Pods. It takes WAY TOO LONG to win anything! Plus, I really REALLY hate getting “Sap Glop”! A player should not have to play these games for YEARS, just to win a prize! Having, or not having, patience should not be a part of playing these games. Let us play. Let us win and get the prizes in a REASONABLE time frame. Maybe letting it take a few months, but not YEARS! Let’s make this a fair game for ALL players.

    • K8marie0717 says:

      I agree. I finally gave up after years and years of trying. It’s not fun.

      • Ajoy65 says:

        I totally agree. The “Sap Glop” is what I usually get and is really disappointing. I just play once in a while now. I find that with all of the Deluxe wheels as well. I don’t have any luck at all. I usually don’t get any of the items that I truly want. Makes being deluxe seem not worth it.

        • 1Emerald1 says:

          LOL it took me 10 years of daily play to get through the 2 Magical Forest prize series, only to find that you can only do them once per account, and the prizes aren’t kinzpostable. So much for using those flower crowns for the bridesmaids in my wedding scene! I have really poor luck on wheel games too, Ajoy65. But the feature I’d most likely to see them update is the Adventure Park, it hasn’t been updated EVER and is so tedious. I went for years to dig up every prize on every daily challenge until I finally got a nice collection of Victorian Path Tiles. Now there’s no reason to go. Really, at this point, I pay for deluxe to get discounts at the store & exclusive-to-deluxe items & prizes. The only in-game deluxe feature left that I really enjoy is the Tropical Island, at least they change the prizes on that wheel & you can get a steady supply of free food in the cafe.

  3. cvasko says:

    I have all the charms. It took a long time of losing games to finally win. Don’t give up. It’s all patients , witch you are learning. Somethings in life take time like this game. Not everything has a easy answer that’s what a challange is.

  4. Susiejax says:

    Yay! Zumwhere is today! I only need to find one more Zum to get the grand prize! I have been searching for a long time haha That Zippy Zum is sneaky

  5. tema says:

    magic mire is not working for 2 days

  6. frozenanna2 says:

    already done that!!!

  7. LadyBeauty says:

    I wanted to let my friends know why I sent Valentine Greetings today instead of yesterday. I was on line yesterday long enough to log on to receive my Valentine’s Day gift, finish the Chocolate Collection, and visit the Love Frog for the Flower Tile. I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day and will forgive me for sending Valentine’s Day letters from the Kinzpost a day late. ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      I just saw this – I was delighted to receive your Valentine’s message, doesn’t matter what day it arrived. Thank you for being such a good friend, LadyBeauty.

  8. acantara says:

    I wish they would update/change the prizes when you collect all the keys. SO tired of seeing the same ones.

    • NanaZaza says:

      acantara, I know exactly how you feel. There must be many Webkinz players who feel the same way! And sap glop! Egads, sometimes I get it everywhere! Surely Webkinz crafty games-people can update this area (please!).

      • Beckinz8 says:

        I would love an update for those prizes too, and a playing guide to explain things better. Like on the Woodland Wonders section, what does the “unlocked” charms part mean, and how do I unlock more? Same for Fairy Falls and Magic Mire. Any tips for how I can collect more charms or is it just sheer luck? In Alyssa’s Star Challenge, is there any strategy/best spot for finding a star? I am so tired of just swishing my net through space and coming up empty that I often skip searching for stars these days. Any game play tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

        • Beckinz8 says:

          One more question – might there ever be an exchange plan for Pixie Pod Pachinko seeds – sell or trade for prizes? I kind of have a bunch piled up that I haven’t taken time to use. (735) :-/

    • nanabanana says:

      I have been playing since almost the beginning of Webkinz and they have *never* updated any of those prizes. Additionally, I think if you finally get a key, which happens far too infrequently, sap glop should never be part of those gifts. I AM happy to see that they are finally updating the various “Wheel” gifts.

  9. mochidochi says:

    Do you have to have physical charms to be able to collect all the virtual charms? I don’t understand that. Maybe Michael could do a charm forest special report. Am I the only one confused?

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