Deluxe Day Coming April 17!


This Thursday, April 17th is our second Deluxe Day! Just like last month, when Deluxe Members log in, they can visit Today’s Activities and to receive a special prize: the Cherry Blossom Butterfly Tree!  This item is only available for Deluxe Members on that day!


There will also be an entire day’s worth of fun and activities to be found for Deluxe Members listed on the Today’s Activities schedule!


If you don’t have a Deluxe account and you want to join in on all of the fun and prizes, visit the Ganz eStore and have a parent upgrade your account to Deluxe Membership!


60 Responses to Deluxe Day Coming April 17!

  1. Clau says:

    I love the Deluxe Days. <3 (because I am deluxe 3 months :P )

  2. loki2 says:

    i wish that on deluxe day there was somthing on the all day thing that said ” deluxe members click here for 10000 estore points

  3. POIUTY35 says:

    O_O i don’t even have the regular deluxe version

  4. dijan says:

    NO Deluxe I HATE Deluxe

  5. SoccerLife says:

    not fair… they never did that for just regular members

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