Design Tips: The Webkinz Prize Pool


HAILEY: “Are you looking for that perfect item to finish off a room design? The Webkinz prize pool is filled with items that you can use as finishing touches to really add some flair to your room.”


ELWIN: “This prize pool includes items like Homework, a Fire Extinguisher, Movie Posters… even a Tip Jar! Want an Ironing board to place in your laundry room? How about a Cutlery Holder for the kitchen? You will only find these items in the Webkinz Prize Pool”:



HAILEY: “Elwin, please tell everyone how to get these amazing items.”


ELWIN: “Win a random item from the Webkinz prize pool every time you spin the Wheel of Wow 15 times or complete a full week of Daily KinzCare. You can even win these prizes by breaking the Pinata or playing Wacky Balloon Darts during the Wacky Log Out Carnival.”



What is your favorite item from the Webkinz Prize pool? What new prizes do you hope will be added to this prize pool in the future? Leave your comments below…


86 Responses to Design Tips: The Webkinz Prize Pool

  1. j10a11 says:

    I love a lot of these items! I just which they were all kinzpostable. Some are and some aren’t.

  2. Becky71W says:

    I know the new items are tradeable but can you make the older items as well??? I hate selling my excess to the W-shop when I know there are Webkinz in the trading room who would love to have them.

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