Design Tips: Creating a Bloomin’ Room


The Bloomin’ room theme is back in the WShop for a limited time so we asked Hailey and Elwin to offer some tips on how to design a room using these items.


The Bloomin’ Kitchen:



Hailey:  “The various plants that have been added to this kitchen are so colorful and work perfectly with the Bloomin’ room theme. I love the kitchen island that was created in the center of the room and the Bloomin’ Garden Dividers corners off the kitchen table perfectly!”


Elwin:  “I love the small touches that really makes this come alive as a kitchen: the hanging Fine Cuisine Pots, Coat Rack, Kitchen Bulletin Board and Cutlery Holder… and these awesome kitchen accessories can be won by spinning the Wheel of Wow 15 times, playing the Wacky Log Out Carnival or by doing a full week of Daily KinzCare!”



The Bloomin’ Side Table is the only item that won’t be returning to this theme since it was last available in the WShop, but 3 new items have been added:



Do you have your own tips on how to create a Bloomin’ themed room? Leave your comments below…


43 Responses to Design Tips: Creating a Bloomin’ Room

  1. itsadventuretime23 says:

    i hate it when they retire things!

  2. surfinturtle754 says:

    You should do more of these just to let you know B) :P

  3. surfinturtle754 says:

    awesome cute bathtub :)

  4. littleheartbigbark says:

    I like the how-tos as well. :) They’re so cool!

  5. Ellla21 says:

    I love the flooring, but can’t seem to find it . Where can I get it?

  6. ImaPepper says:

    Really workin’ that kitchen island, there, eh? LOL!

  7. webkinzawesomeness123 says:

    One of my pets has this theme! Ganz is THE BEST! I love bringing back room themes for a while. It’s AWESOME! I agree with adara917. We need a way to sell and expand already purchased rooms.

  8. ElsatheSnowQueen says:

    Well I do enjoy the more items they gave to the Bloom’in Room, but I still miss when Ganz was actually letting non-deluxe members get awesome items too, I have an account, for a really long time, and things really changed. I’m ElsatheSnowQueen, and I approve this message.

  9. hellokitty1244 says:

    Lol! The Bloomin’ Side Table was part of that theme? I put it in a different room right beside my Bloomin’ Theme called the “Spring is Here Room”! I also have the Bloomin’ Coffee Table! Was that retired last year? LOL I made a second room because everything I added to my Webkinz Superfan Theme wouldn’t fit, I had to make a Wacky Zingoz Room! I decided to do the same with Bloomin’ because I have a lot of Spring stuff from last year! :D

  10. emi5959 says:

    Really wish I could by the entire theme, but I’m not deluxe :/

    • hellokitty1244 says:

      Try to trade! I’m sure there would be someone who would be willing to trade you something reasonable for them. I would but I have to get more money lol I am almost broke after fixing up my multiple rooms that had to be moved to a “Large” Room from a “Medium” sized room.

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