Detective Cap Clothing Recipe Revealed!

While trying to investigate our many mysterious recipes, you’ll need a proper thinking cap. So to help you along, we’re going to reveal how to make a “Detective Cap” in the KinzStyle Outlet’s Clothing Machine!


Here is how it is made:

  • Use: Clothing Machine (found in the KinzStyle Outlet)


  • Ingredients: Blue Ball Cap, Red Ball Cap, Tan Suit Jacket


Combine everything clothes together and you’ll have a hat that will make solving more of these mysteries exceptionally elementary!



174 Responses to Detective Cap Clothing Recipe Revealed!

  1. OPatricia says:

    Does anyone wanna send me any deluxe clothing items? Please? ~Olivia/OPatricia:)

  2. elreyleon4 says:

    Yeah got this already. . . Webkinz insider, awkward. . .

  3. 5hg9 says:

    does anyone know recipe for emerald ski jacket and neon swimsuit?

  4. Crystal_Secret1944 says:

    This is so helpful! Speaking of hats, I saw someone with a blue baseball cap that had a yellow star on it, but I don’t think it’s in the Kinzstyle outlet. Is that something you can make in the clothing machine or do I buy it in the Estore or is a Pet Special Item? Thanks! ~Crystal

  5. dove118 says:

    anyone want to send me some deluxe dresses dove118

  6. flower45083 says:

    does anyone know what the feather light shoes recipe is?

  7. flower45083 says:

    does anyone know the Neo Gothic Dress recipe

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