Did You complete the Community Challenge?

You did it! You completed the final challenge in the Super School Community Challenge! Great work, Webkinz Community!


Here is your final code:


KVA Quilt Trunk Giftbox




Missed previous days’ codes? Find them here:

Bowl of Apples W24V-7MVR-PGV7-37XJ

Big City Backpack W24U-WL35-8M5Y-PAQ6

Ms. Cowoline Plush W247-TP9U-DYN6-TDHY

Cafeteria Tray W24B-CGZ2-5FLA-MBUU


Log into your Webkinz account and enter these codes at the Code Shop, which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu! This code expires at midnight EST November 30, 2019.

29 Responses to Did You complete the Community Challenge?

  1. whitekitten24 says:

    I’ve remembered webkinz exists! I got a wild west dress from the trunk c:

  2. Snowlico says:

    I got a Dex Dangerous Visor. :D Would really like to get the rest of the set if anyone has some of the pieces they don’t want.

  3. JRS1 says:

    Thank you everybody for participating so we reached all the goals. Great prizes. Like others though, I would love to see the KVA Quilt Truck as an actual item! It would be perfect for holding some of the KVA clothing pieces.

  4. Pattyjo says:

    I think the thing that confused me with the trunk vs clothing item for final prize, was in the article saying Super School Community Challenge starts today, they say the final prize is the KVA quit trunk. I too was hoping for the trunk. But had fun, nonetheless and love the community challenges. Thanks for all the prizes.

  5. KSC says:

    This was a fun challenge with great prizes! Thank you to everyone who participated!

  6. Marius8853 says:

    Disappointed we didn’t get the trunk for our room. Going to the park 10,000 for a clothing item? Thanks tho and it was fun as always. Hope we can get the trunk at some point for our rooms – would be super.

  7. saf123 says:

    I thought the trunk was furniture. Don’t get me wrong I love the piece of random clothing but I was looking forward to putting the chest in my room.

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