Did You Reach Your Goal?

You did it! The Webkinz Community watched 25,000 videos in the Watch & Win Room in the Clubhouse between March 7 and 12!



This prize will only be available for one day so don’t miss out! Sorry, this prize is no longer available.


Note: This prize cannot be sold, traded or KinzPosted.

48 Responses to Did You Reach Your Goal?

  1. cowsarrcool2 says:

    I did my part for the community challenge, but couldn’t get online yesterday. I feel cheated. :( And apparently I’m not the only one with internet issues yesterday. Can anyone address this? Please?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The prize was available from Monday morning until Tuesday morning, not yesterday.

      • cowsarrcool2 says:

        Regardless of which 24-hour period the prize was available, if a player does the work towards a community challenge, and the challenge is completed by the community, all participating players should be granted the reward they worked for and earned. THAT is what I would like someone to address.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          I understand the frustration. The original challenge did state that the reward would be available for a day and that participants should check on Monday to see if they qualify. Since this wasn’t a Community Code, there is no way to prevent people from receiving multiples of this prize if the link remains up for more than 24 hours. As it was an eStore item, we cannot offer it for more than one day.

          • cowsarrcool2 says:

            I visited Webkinz Newz on Monday evening, and didn’t see the newz story. Tuesday was the only day I wasn’t able to visit. For future challenges, can the prize be delivered directly to the accounts of participants? Or to all players, if it’s too difficult for the game programmers to configure it to only go to participants? I’m trying to work towards a solution, rather than just complain.

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            We have shifted to a Community Code for most of these events. However, that requires a minimum of 3 weeks to implement. Any impromptu challenges would use the existing system, which was used before Community Codes were launched.

          • cowsarrcool2 says:

            Thank you for the explanation. :)

  2. bethany383 says:

    Wow. I worked so hard to get this prize, and the day my internet is out I missed it. These prizes should be in a community code so they don’t expire in one day.

  3. 1granny says:

    Six days to meet the goal and only one day to get the prize. Wish they could extend the time to get the prize. Would certainly cement good relations with the players.

  4. TropicalGirl says:

    Also now there is a 9 hour time between jobs on my account (Asian time) which started during the daylight savings time weekend.

  5. spootyquackers says:

    wow. :( no longer available eh wish i’d seen that

  6. croka1 says:

    Well bummer. We had a whole week to complete the challenge and 1 day to get the prize. With power and internet outages in the north & northeast from wind and snow over the past few days, I’m sure not everyone was able to collect the prize for their hard work. Maybe next time.

  7. fairysprig says:

    Hi! I was wondering why the prize for this was only available for one day. I participated in completing the goal for the challenge, but apparently missed out on the prize. Could you possibly extend the prize period and code please?

  8. irockandy says:

    I wish I knew that we had to collect it here I thought it would get sent to the accounts. Kinda sad, oh well I didn’t have a plan yet so not too much of a loss.

  9. bubbashuka says:

    UGGGH! I forgot about this!!! Darn it!! >:/

  10. Anathema says:

    Just gonna leave this here…Set an alarm, woke up in time for UK Balloon Dartz, logged in, wait wut, still 6 pm, not 7? But it let me get the Wacky Pack. Waited around on that account, spent over 30 minutes trying to catch the leprechaun, went back to Daily Events only be informed there is no event at this time. Time in Webkinz World usually changes when the US inflicts this misery on us. If I have to suffer this spring atrocity, I should at least not have to suffer missing Balloon Dartz. At least get kinztime and events in sync one way or the other, please, sheesh!

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      I loathe daylight savings time too. If they’d just leave it one way or the other it would be fine.

    • kittenloverz101223 says:

      Sorry about this… but if it was synced with your time this would happen to me being in the US close to Canada. The only reason it is in sync with my time is because I live close to Canada.

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