Discover What’s Inside the Window on the World Giftbox!




To celebrate the release of pet rooms on mobile, we’re giving away some fun new prizes with a mobile twist!


Log in to any time between November 20th and December 20th to receive your Window on the World Gift Box. Inside you’ll find 4 wrapped items that you can drag into your pet’s room. Then, log into your account using the Webkinz mobile app on your Android or Apple device and visit your pet’s room. Your new prizes will appear unwrapped and revealed!


Want to know more? Check out this video:




Don’t have the Webkinz mobile app yet? Visit the Google Play or Apple App Store to download it!


For your security, please remember never to share your account login information with anyone (other than your parents).


What do YOU think is inside the boxes? Let us know in the comments below.


368 Responses to Discover What’s Inside the Window on the World Giftbox!

  1. sally3316 says:

    Yay! i’m getting and ipad soon so i can go on webkinz mobile!

  2. alidog04 says:

    thanks for offering , but they just sit it my dock

  3. pinkninja says:

    the stuff that is in the boxes are, a window to the world bed, which looks like a suitcase, a globe lamp, and a dresser that looks like a suitcase

  4. jlatte319 says:

    It won’t work on my kindle fire!!!!!!

  5. tsoloo says:

    i really just want to play

  6. sagegreen says:

    Um…excuse me Gennelle, but what if I don’t have any of those devices? Am I just unable to receive these items? I certainly don’t appreciate this at all.

  7. beth52534 says:

    genelle what is ur name on webkinz I want to know so we can be friends on webkinz

  8. Silverhistory22 says:

    I downloaded the webkinz mobile right when they came out with rooms so it wasn’t a problem for me! Thank you, webkinz, for coming out with rooms when I got my tablet. ~~~Your friend at Webkinz, Silverhistory22, as Ice Fawn

  9. bunnyaa5 says:

    does anybody know the song lips are moven it came out in october i think!

  10. bunnyaa5 says:

    have any of you all ever have gotten those boxes on webkinz! because i have but i don’t know what to do can somebody please tell me what to do with those boxes please!

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