Dorothy Lou’s Family Farm

Tips for earning Kinzcash and landscaping ideas!

I love decorating in Webkinz Next because advanced editing allows for great layers and beautiful textures. In this park, I’ve used stones and rocks from the W Shop and from my cottage to create sections. The boundaries of the park are creating with Oak Trees, Shrubs and Tall Grass.
Most of the time when I post designs, you guys ask me how to make enough Kinzcash to create similar rooms and yards. You might be surprised to learn that I earn all the Kinzcash I spend on my designs.
The number one way I earn money for my designs is by selling items. A few other things I do every day to earn Kinzcash:
1) Harvest crops and sell them. If you can wait for the Farmer’s Market, Farmer Will has great prices for select crops. Honestly, I can never wait. Too much shopping to do!
2) Gem mining. If you have a lot of slag, craft with it. You can sell the crafts for Kinzcash.
3) Spin the Wheel of WOW and take your 6 turns at the Game of the Day, no matter what it is. If the Wheel of WOW gives you an item that you don’t want or need, remember, you can usually sell it for Kinzcash.
4) If you can treat yourself to a Brilliant Butterscotch Tree (worth 60 diamonds), you won’t soon regret it. Each tree harvests one butterscotch candy each day which you can sell for 10 KC! I have plenty in my front yard and I harvest them daily to keep my balance in check.
5) Play Jumbleberry Blast. It gives out great earnings and it’s super fun.
With all that said, check out my fun Family Farm!

Baby Park

This Baby Park features the Backyard Baby Merry-Go-Round and the Backyard Baby Slide that I won during the Baby Park community challenges. I placed my Garden Party Chair beside the Merry-Go-Round for any supervising adults and added my tulips for a happy splash of color.

The Picnic Area

Of course, we need a section for picnic fun. I placed the stone patio tiles under the benches to mimic the patio dining areas I’ve seen in local parks. And, I’ve added Countryside Cottage Paths to connect this dining area to the fun areas.

The Playground

Everyone loves a trail of swings! I created a climbing area with rocks and boulders and then placed my Pillow Fort right in the center for a fun hiding spot. I filled the space around the slide with trees and ponds to create levels, texture and a beautiful space to sit.
Visit my Family Farm, Dorothy Lou 1. See you there!

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16 Responses to Dorothy Lou’s Family Farm

  1. megan919 says:

    Why is it there are so many prizes that I can’t sell or get rid of? They clog the dock and I have to write it in get them removed? Thank you!

  2. KSC says:

    @Dorothy Lou, I love the Baby Park!

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Off topic, but Next-related… Love the ladybug deal! I got one already, but it’d be nice if it had 300 diamonds like Christmas. Could you guys at least have a pet sale?? On classic pets are normally 10,000($10USD), but on Next that’s 150 diamonds/$15USD. It’d be really nice if you lowered it for a sale or something… I want to buy another husky & a frog. I also think the babies should be like 50 since it’s random & you don’t know what you’re going to get, especially if you don’t like what you get. I have too many dogs, ugh.

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Yeah, I like the notion of buying a treat tree in Next, but funny thing….. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Next’s store in game and upon going to the Webkinz store online, found absolutely NO WAY to buy it there and send it to Next…. Lol a clue as to where to find the dang thing or a way to send it to Next would be extremely helpful !

    • kvtie says:

      Hi friend! It can be found in the Webkinz Next Wshop. Open the store, click “decorations” and then click “yard decor”. It is the 5th item listed under this section and it costs 60 diamonds. Hope this helps!

  5. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    Dorothy you always give me such great ideas! If it wasn’t for you I would not know about Butterscotch trees. Also, I did not know the new Pillow Fort could go outside. I love the baby park. Will newer players ever get the chance to win the Backyard Baby Merry-Go-Round and Slide? I keep watching the Wish Machine to see if they appear. Thanks for the wonderful ideas you are an inspiration to me :)

  6. webkinzwizard02 says:

    What a beautiful farm for your pets! The playground looks really fun. Another tip for earning kinzcash for players who have tons of game tokens accumulated is to purchase the dripping w shirt from the arcade. It can be sold for 25kc. (The Jumbleberry Blast and Goody Gumdrops shirts are not sellable.)

    • kvtie says:

      Um THANK YOU for this tip! I NEVER knew this!!!! I was just able to buy 56 of those shirts and it got me 1400kc!

      • BoulderPrarieHome says:

        I sold all ASAP, I feel like this might be a glitch they will take away. I bought 185 of those 20 ticket shirts and sold for 4625 KC. Ditto on Um THANK YOU!

        • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

          THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Triple ditto on “Um TAHNK YOU”!!!!!

        • webkinzwizard02 says:

          Glad it was helpful to you! Hopefully it’s not a glitch, but to be on the safe side I usually just buy enough shirts with the tokens I earned in the arcade that day, that way it’s not a huge loss if I can’t resell them.

      • Beckinz8 says:

        This was some of the best advice that I’ve gotten in a long time! I’ve been selling all of my excess in Next since the beginning, but I never knew about the shirt thing, and never thought about the slag crafting for resale. I rushed over to the arcade, snapped up 100 shirts, made a nice dent in my game tickets, and cha-ching – 2500 KC!!! Thank you so much @webkinzwizard02! Dorothy Lou, I’m running off to the curio shop to craft with slag now! There’s nothing like raking it in on Next!!

        • Beckinz8 says:

          The wrought iron wall sconce (30 slag) goes for 75 KC. The wrought iron flowers (40 slag) go for 25 KC. Now that I know, it’s sconces all the way for me! I’m still saving slag because I’m hoping to have the right gems to make the mining cart sometime soon. But a quick 325 KC was most welcome!

          • Beckinz8 says:

            Update: now that we have to make the the iron and glass vase for week 2 of Season 3, I’m regretting using so much slag all at once. But I’m sure that I’ll get there again. I will hold onto a bigger buffer from now on. Lesson learned!

      • webkinzwizard02 says:

        You’re very welcome!

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