Dorothy Lou’s Top Five Ways to Make A LOT of KinzCash

People always ask me how to make more KinzCash and, it’s true, I love gardening and decorating which means I must find a way to keep a good stash of KC.

Here’s a list of my favorite ways to make a LOT of KinzCash.

Sell Crops

Harvesting your Growing Gardens plants can be extremely profitable!
Each crop sells for 10 Kinzcash at the W Shop. But, if you visit the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, you can sell your crops at a premium price. You can also buy special seeds at the Farmer’s Market which you can’t get in the W Shop such as watermelon, broccoli or strawberry. The special seeds are BIG money-makers at the Farmer’s Market, if you’re lucky.

Play Fantastic Snowman

Fantastic Snowman is a team game you can play in Kinzville every even hour (EST). Not only is the game super fun, but it also literally pays off. If you succeed in building the snowman, the top 20 highest scoring participants, get a cash prize of at least 150 KC. What a fun way to make KinzCash!

Play the Game of the Day

I always play my six rounds of The Game of the Day at the arcade. The biggest money makers for me are Smoothie Moves and Jumbleberry Blast but, when a game is The Game of the Day, I always find it worthwhile to take the time to play. You can win 50-75% more of a payout, so it’s always exciting to see how much I can win!

Spin the Wheel of WOW

I know not every prize on the Wheel of WOW is a cash prize but did you know that you can sell most of the prize items you win at the W Shop, usually for a really great deal. So, even if you win a Wheel of WOW t-shirt again, you can cash-in (even though those t-shirts are super cute).

Sell Gems

Ok, ok, I’ll admit. I still haven’t gotten the Crown of Wonder. But that’s only because I’ve been busy selling my gems. Cashing in on the gems I find makes the hunt exciting for me. Some of these gems really pay out!

What’s your favorite way to make KinzCash?
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24 Responses to Dorothy Lou’s Top Five Ways to Make A LOT of KinzCash

  1. Funny283 says:

    This is helpful because I need 5000 kinzcash to get a new property! (It will be a dance house just like Happy Huskyworth’s Home)

  2. TezrasCircus says:

    I don’t know what the Pink Room is for but it’s pretty. I tried clicking on some of the mushrooms just to see if something would happen. Maybe it will be something in the near future. I also like the waterfall. What I don’t like is my pet getting hungry as often he does and asking to wear something else every few minutes. I especially don’t like it when they ask for things while playing games in the Arcade.

  3. Rachelgirl says:

    Does anybody have a problem with spinning the WOW? I have had this problem since the beginning. Most days (but not all days) when I click on the WOW, nothing happens, even though I still have my free daily spin. Usually I have to fill my pet’s hearts (and sometimes log out and back in again) before I am allowed to spin it. I know my friend does not have the same problem, but I have the problem on both my accounts (I have two accounts because at first I did not know we need to have the same username and password like on classic, so I was forced to set up a second accound). Has anybody got the same problem?

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      I’ve never had any problems spinning the WoW. However, I can only access the Next arcade if I use my desktop computer or my IPhone. If I try to use my IPad, I get logged out because it’s pretty old and isn’t suited to the demands required to use Next. What device are you using? Can you change to another device and see if it works better for you?

      • Rachelgirl says:

        I only use the desktop app because my smartphone is old and only has Android 5, and my brand new tablet has a new Andriod version, but can’t install Next because I need 4 mb RAM (I wish I’d known this before buying the new tablet!!). Maybe this is the problem with your ipad, too? I wonder if anybody else had the WOW problem?

    • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

      Yeah, this has happened to me. =\ Also, I want more of those vases & the couches, and I never get them.

  4. momdadabby1222 says:

    what is the pink room for in gem hunt?

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