Downloadable Season 3 Wallpaper!


The Candyland Concert is on now in Webkinz Next! Season 3 is well underway and to really make it rock, we created a new fun wallpaper that you can download and add to your phone!





To add the wallpaper, download the jpg and save it to your photos on your phone.




On an iPhone, open ‘Settings’, then select ‘Wallpaper’, then ‘Choose a New Wallpaper.’ Select the photo and then click ‘Set.’ You’ll have the option to set the photo as your Home screen, Lock screen, or both.



On an Android device, navigate to the picture I want, click the three dot menu and select ‘Set as Wallpaper.’ It then gives you the choice to set as Home Screen, Lock Screen or Home and Lock Screen.


And that’s it! What a sweet way to enjoy the Candyland Concert!





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11 Responses to Downloadable Season 3 Wallpaper!

  1. KSC says:

    I love the phone wallpapers!! Could we have some featuring Classic pets?

  2. Kimatkinz says:

    Can you please make one for Classic? Thanks

  3. EgK says:

    So cool! Don’t have a phone, so i can’t download it. But even looking at these wallpapers makes me happy. I wish they made the dimensions for tablets and computers.

  4. masmirf says:

    I have an android phone but the Webkinz Next app isn’t in the play store so I can’t put it on my phone. So sad.

  5. Resonatingthunder says:

    Yay! I’m changing it from the season 2 one rn!

  6. Funny283 says:

    You know what would be AMAZING? If people didn’t like their house on Webkinz Next, they can sell it to you and you buy it! If that feature gets added, I will be speechless. (Only friends can buy houses) And you can put a certain price.

  7. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Whoa, this is absolutely COOL! I love this one!

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