Dreamy Caramel Tart: Secret Recipe Revealed!


If you’ve always wanted to create a delicious dessert, we’re revealing a special recipe for the Dreamy Caramel Tart!


But something this special can’t be made simply by combining common ingredients found in the WShop. This secret stove recipe requires 3 ingredients from 3 different dispensers, including the Caramel Drizzle Candy Tree, the Cash Cow Milk Dispenser, and the Rocky Candy Tree! If you don’t own any of these dispensers, you can always try trading for the ingredients in the Trading Room of the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse (available only on the desktop app).


Once you have all 3 ingredients, combine them together on any stove to make this tasty tart!




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Have you discovered the stove recipes in Webkinz Next yet? They’re fun and easy to make!
Just click on a stove once you’ve added it to your room and it will show you a list of recipe foods. You can select any of these recipe foods to learn which ingredients are required.



Unlike Classic, some recipes may require multiples of a single ingredient.



Once you’ve added your ingredients, click the “Cook” button to make your recipe food.



It’s that easy! There’s lots of recipes to make, and even more recipes you can unlock! If you enjoy cooking and crafting, then you’ll love Webkinz Next!


What are some of YOUR favorite secret recipe foods? Let us know in the comments below!




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39 Responses to Dreamy Caramel Tart: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. fox2tail says:

    winterfestdreams I would like the ingredients to make this recipe Thank you, your friend fox2tail

  2. ChaseGamerDude says:

    That does look tasty!

  3. BABCIA72 says:

    i would really enjoy making this please… one for me and one for my granddaughter…THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT IS VERY KIND…i SENT FR

  4. lilcols5 says:

    Winterfestdreams could you send me the three foods to make this?

  5. broadwaydreamer says:

    If anyone needs ingredients to make this recipe, send a FR to winterfestdreams and let me know which ingredient(s) you need :) I have all three dispensers and have plenty of foods I’m happy to gift!

  6. Dolan says:

    The Rock Candy pictured is incorrect. The one from the Rock Candy Tree is red.

    • Dolan says:

      I have all 3 dispenser foods if you need them. Just send a friend request to punk4life. If we’re already friends leave me a message here.

      • bubbleslover123 says:

        Hi punk4life! We recently became friends after you so generously offered to send the Chocolate Brioche ingredients. My sister and I would love to add to our food collections by making the Dreamy Caramel Tart. We would be extremely grateful if you could send us the ingredients. Our user names are Bubbleslover123 and Duckylover808. Thanks so much; you’re an awesome friend!

  7. KarenaJ says:

    ohhhh love this, I have 2 out of 3 items…no rock candy tho. Thought it was worth mentioning, if you visit Sophie at the Clubhouse everyday, she gives out dispenser foods. I collect them.

  8. ooahahah says:

    Is the Rock Candy a psi from a pet or was it a past Sophie reward?

  9. caseyspacey says:

    Nice recipe, wish i could make it. Also i found a code inside the Buttercup Tower page at the Estore.

  10. bonesbongo says:

    I would like to make this but don’t have the 3 ingredients from the 3 dispensers :( ~ shelkinz67

    • broadwaydreamer says:

      Just sent the three foods your way from winterfestdreams :)

      • bonesbongo says:

        winterfestdreams Thank you so much for sending the three foods to make the Dreamy Caramel Tart it is truly appreciated. I have sent some dispenser foods I hope you don’t already have. Is there anything your looking for yourself? Have a great day! ~ shelkinz67

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