Earn Your Adventure Water Safety Patch!



Here’s your chance to earn another Adventure Scout Patch! From July 11 to 17 complete the Water Safety Challenge! Make wishes at Wishing Well 2, add a pool to your pet’s home, and build an Adventure Scout Canoe! When you complete all the tasks, you’ll get the Adventure Water Safety Cap and Plaque, and another packet of Adventure Trail Mix!

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  1. flyinghorse3 says:

    Cool! I collected all the outfits and the one badge at January, and I collected the cooking badge, I am gonna try to get the water badge

  2. starbrite1 says:

    Awesome! I always loved doing water activities at camp :)

  3. Hari30 says:

    If any one can complete the speed patch and doesn’t want the items, I would be very grateful, I can’t complete the challenge and I would really love to be able to complete the collection :( my user is bunnychan

    • Powerann says:

      Hi Hari30 – Are you a free player? Because if you are, unfortunately you cannot send or receive mail/gifts. Hopefully, Ganz will allow everyone to do the Speed Class for this challenge. Or, at the very least, change it to a class everyone can participate in.

      • Hari30 says:

        Really? That sucks :( Thanks though, Ganz has been ignoring me for the past 2 weeks and I’m really disappointed because I’ve brought this up multiple times yet they don’t seem to care. :(

  4. string says:

    Not sure where to post this, I hope 14wehttam sees this. I tried to come to your 10am party, but you were busy folding clothes, please wait! And wait I did. Tried several times. Maybe the 10:30 party will work.Your friend cowzie08

    • Itswebkinztime says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. I had a party today and it just got stuck on the “clothes being folded” screen. It wasn’t even a house party pack. It was a party room pack and those used to always work for me.

  5. TRINSTER says:

    I’m building an Adventure Scouts club room and I can’t wait to get all of the patches!

  6. ojibwa says:

    This one is a snap! Two thumbs up!

  7. Unikitty16 says:

    Cool i completed the cooking challenge

  8. 7debbie7 says:

    So Much Summer Fun In WW….Thanks Ganz!

  9. Mh348 says:

    How do I build an Adventure Scout Canoe?

  10. piggitime says:

    Thank goodness this one is easy. But I’m still so disappointed I won’t be able to get the next one because of the impossible academy requirement. sigh

    • KarenaJ says:

      I am confused. What is the impossible academy requirement? I must have missed something? I’ve read several comments about this now but I don’t know what it means. I wish we could earn a badge for our badge collection as well with these prizes.

      • 321817355 says:

        In Podkinz 142 they gave details about each badge, and the next one requires you to complete 4 speed classes at the academy. Free players won’t be able to complete it (sadly, me) unless the creators make that class available, and lots of other people find that class to be very difficult! Especially at higher levels! But I think even if you fail that class it will still count as completed, so we’ll have to wait and see! Good luck!

        • piggitime says:

          I’m not a free player, but I’ve been on Webkinz for over 13 of the 15 years it has existed and have never yet passed any of the ‘phys ed’ academy classes. Not on any account. And it did show “Complete” on the screen in the Podkinz episode, not “attempt”. I mean, if they’ll be generous and allow ‘attempt’ for fly for it, hey, I’m golden. Trust me, I can fail that class all day long. sigh

          • Beckinz8 says:

            “Fail that job all day long.” LOL! XD I’m sorry because I know that you probably didn’t mean it to be funny (believe me, on the strength class, I REALLY understand where you are coming from!) but the way that you said that just made me smile. Hopefully attempts will count and hopefully the Ganz team will find a way to make the Speed class available for all (maybe another deluxe preview. hint, hint, wink, wink…)

      • ultrasonic3 says:

        Hi KarenaJ I believe they are talking about the Fitness Challenge. You have to pass Speed class at the academy. Not easy for several players.

        • KarenaJ says:

          I see, thanks for filling me in. I am so sorry to free players who can’t join in the fun. That’s a shame. But I agree sometimes even if you don’t “pass” it still counts. These type of challenges should be available for ALL players imho.

          • piggitime says:

            In a related issue, I’ve noticed some challenges where the requirement for a specific job says ‘attempt’, but if you do the job via an hourly offer to try it and you fail the job, ‘attempt’ no longer counts. And some jobs require those same problematic (for me) academy classes in order to qualify without that special job ‘internship program’.

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