Earn Your Black Band And Belt!



It’s time to begin your quest towards Black Belt excellence! The Kinzville Martial Arts Challenge is available now on the Webkinz Classic Desktop App, and will run until midnight, August 31! This 8 step challenge will test your pet’s physical and mental strength, and help them achieve balance and peace of mind! And, oh yeah, there are also 8 bands and belts you can earn along the way!


Here’s how to play: Look for the Kinzville Martial Arts Challenge icon on your Webkinz Classic account. It will be displayed along the left side of your screen:



You can click on the icon to review your tasks. Here’s a look at the first three tasks you’ll need to complete to earn your Red Martial Arts Band and Belt:


  • Feed your pet 2 Kinzville Energy Bars
  • Buy a Martial Arts Jacket at the KinzStyle Outlet
  • Buy a pair of Martial Arts Pants at the KinzStyle Outlet


The amount of Kinzville Energy Bars you’ll need to feed your pet will increase with each step of this challenge. So, be sure to collect them every day to complete your challenge faster.


There’s only one way to collect Kinzville Energy Bars this summer: Goober will be handing them out in the Martial Arts Studio at the Clubhouse! Visit Goober every day at the Clubhouse, and click on him to collect a Kinzville Energy Bar:



You will not be able to trade Kinzville Energy Bars, or send them through KinzPost, so you’ll only be able to collect them by visiting Goober in the Martial Arts Studio at the Clubhouse. Drag a Kinzville Energy Bar from your Dock, onto your pet to feed your Webkinz.


The Kinzville Martial Arts Jacket, Pants, White Band and Belt are currently available to buy at the KinzStyle Outlet:



Remember, you’ll need to buy the Martial Arts Jacket and Pants to complete the first step of the Kinzville Martial Arts Challenge. The jacket and pants can be found on the first page within the New section of the KinzStyle Outlet:



The White Martial Arts Band and Belt can be found on the second page within the New section of the outlet:



Once you complete the first step of the Kinzville Martial Arts Challenge, you’ll earn your Red Band & Belt! Wear your new band and belt with pride, the next time you visit Goober to collect more Kinzville Energy Bars at the Clubhouse!


Every time you manage to complete a new step of the Kinzville Martial Arts Challenge, you’ll earn a new band and belt! There are eight bands and belts to collect: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and black!



Remember, you must complete all 8 steps of this challenge by midnight, August 31, to earn the coveted Black Band and Belt. So play as often as you can this summer to earn all your bands and belts!


Did you manage to earn your Red Band and Belt? Let us know in the comment section below…



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27 Responses to Earn Your Black Band And Belt!

  1. babiesmama says:

    I missed typed the color of belt, calling it pink not red. Once I logged back in the Red belt was in the dock. Think my computer had a glitch. Really enjoying the challenges.

  2. babiesmama says:

    i completed the challenge for my pink belt but can’t find it anywhere in my dock. How can I get it? I just completed my orange belt today. It was immediately in my dock. I think this challenge has some bugs.

  3. tema says:

    i am 4/8. i gave my pet 3 kinzville energy bars and it only registered 1 the first day of 4/8 but the second and third day it did not register. still says 1. help! thank you.

  4. bonesbongo says:

    I have already completed the challenge, my pet is proud to wear the black belt. Thank you for this fun challenge it would be nice to see more like this in the future. ~ shelkinz67

  5. buunykins says:

    Both my accounts have completed level 10 Creativity. How do I complete this challenge?

    • sally says:

      If you’ve had your account long enough to reach level 10 on creativity, you should have enough medallions to adopt a pet. You can send that pet to class.

  6. slk says:

    Please fix this so I don’t have to log out and back in to get the challenge to change to the next part. This isn’t NEXT where you force us to do this with everything to get things to work.

  7. percaroma says:

    I’m assuming no one at Webkinz knows martial art rankings? I understand switching orange for brown to be colorful, but yellow, green and blue are all below red belt ranks.

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