Eight Prizes are leaving GanzWorld Rewards on Monday!


Way back in July, we added eight eStore items to GanzWorld Rewards.  However, these items will be leaving GanzWorld Rewards on Monday September 9th at 12:00 PM EST.  If  you have not purchased these awesome prizes with your Moneyz yet, now would be the best time!

The eight Webkinz World items that will be departing GanzWorld Rewards include:

  • Spree Mall
  • Wheel of WOW
  • Kinzville White Tiger Lilly Patch
  • Digital Camera
  • Fun and Sun Beach Set
  • Lovely Larkspur Garden
  • Mini Larkspur Plant
  • Shopaholic Directory

And just a friendly reminder that these prizes can be yours by spending your GanzWorld Rewards Moneyz right here on GanzWorld!  So play games in the arcade, read articles, or play campaigns to purchase any four of these items for your Webkinz World account!

30 Responses to Eight Prizes are leaving GanzWorld Rewards on Monday!

  1. 7blooberry says:

    WHAT? I just joined ganzworld though! *cry* *sniffle*

  2. chirtygirl74 says:

    Yeah I got the fun and sun towel thingy it just sits there on a table in my room and you can not get rid of it for resell so it is useless. I agree the limit 500 a day makes it hard to get some of the goodies when they are priced a bit high:(

  3. obrew1 says:

    Im 800 away from the flying chair :D!

  4. hl says:


  5. mjsisley says:

    I wish I’d known they were limited time only from the start… I would’ve saved up better. :(

  6. BlueJackets101 says:

    I wonder if they are adding more items now? I love outdoors themes!

  7. piggyfour says:

    Nooooooooooo! I don’t have any of them! I really want the camera, beach set and the mall directory! I can’t afford any! Sooooo unfair! Why are they so expensive! :{(

  8. dayzeedog says:

    The camera just flashes light when you click on it, just as if it was taking a photo

  9. cowtown says:

    the beach set doesn’t do anything, it just looks like a set of towels, looks great in the beach theme room, are around the pool. i put one next to the beach blanket and the sand flooring,

  10. lerpal says:

    i wanted all of these :( oh well i will try to get them soon!

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