Ella wants to know – who is the secret sender?


Hmmm… Ella McWoof here. Something strange is going on around here. First, someone sent out these cute Heart Tiles floating around Webkinz World. Now, everyone has been getting these odd messages. I got one today – did you get one too? I wonder what it means. I hope we can get to the bottom of this soon!




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  1. BroArmy4Life says:

    Whats up? Just adopted Rosebud!

  2. flyinghorse3 says:

    OK everyone! I think that it might be Zums, the webkinz drawing contest winner webkinz, the SweetHeart bunnies, Cinnamon, or, Hosts just have lovers!

  3. ggram says:

    I believe that our “Secret Admirer” is the LOVE FROG!

  4. CutieZari says:

    I think it’s Mayor Sophie

  5. DebbieWebbie59 says:

    I got a letter today as well. I think it could be from the Mayor but I would not be surprised that it came from either Cinnamon or the Smitten Kitten. Time will tell! Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Webkinz!

  6. BrandeeStephens says:

    I still think it could be the Sweetheart Bunnies hopping around spreading love and joy by sending these letters and the heart tiles.

  7. SparklingWater says:

    Ooh! Everyone has gotten a letter, right? Who delivers them? Fiona! She might’ve given one to herself to not look suspicious…

  8. SparklingWater says:

    might be like a cipher, or a code. any puzzle nerds?

  9. javorsky says:

    i got a letter in my too,mmmm i like 2 find out who sending them, need a webkinz under cover spy 2 find out who the mystery webkinz or host,getting courious. get webkinz newz on the case.

  10. calabelle says:

    I think its the smitten kitten too!! I am so glad I adopted a smitten kitten. she is so much fun this month. I think she may show up at the park with cinnamon and give us those rose tiles we see on the ww screen!! Flowers! That is such a fun surprise thanks y’all!

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