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Hey peeps!


I was pretty bummed that the new clothing line was a bit delayed, but thankfully PJ came through with a sneak peek! You’ll find the new clothing line in the KinzStyle Outlet after maintenance on January 20.


New to this line up are some cool patterned gaiters to keep your face extra warm. Bet these would be great for skiing!



Which outfit did you like best? I can’t decide between the bunny ears and the baby goat hat! I can’t wait for everyone to get some, too — remember to visit PJ on the 20th!




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  1. kmkotas says:

    I don’t want to sound negative, but I’m not really feeling these.

  2. adem123 says:

    I like the new face masks!

  3. kitterztoo says:

    FYI, gaiters aren’t masks. People that wear them as masks aren’t really using them as PPE, because they don’t really protect you as well as PPE masks that are fitted snug to the face. Gaiters are like scarves you can pull up to keep warm. The only reason they are used is to satisfy the mask/face covering ordinance for those who can’t wear (or choose not) the fitted paper or cloth masks. That’s most likely where the confusion lies.

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