Enchanted Cottage Mystery Capsule Now Available!

Transform your home into an Enchanted Cottage with our newest mystery capsule!

You can find the Enchanted Cottage Mystery Capsule in the Webkinz Next WShop. Players who purchase a Season Pass for the upcoming Campkinz Adventure will also have the chance to win the Enchanted Cottage Mystery Capsule by completing season tasks!

Place an Enchanted Cottage Mystery Capsule in your pet’s room and click on it to have a random Enchanted Cottage item added to your Dock! You might win the charming Enchanted Cottage Wallpaper or Flooring, or one of the following 8 items:
Enchanted Cottage Chair
Enchanted Cottage Fireplace
Enchanted Cottage Well
Enchanted Cottage Window
Enchanted Fox Chair
Enchanted Cottage Table
Enchanted Reading Bench
Enchanted Cottage Rug

Which item are you most excited about?
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10 Responses to Enchanted Cottage Mystery Capsule Now Available!

  1. duckess1 says:

    The bed has pillows at the top and yet the pets are always sideways in the bed. Why does it have head and foot boards for sides? Looks very wrong.

  2. tammycjks says:

    Newz page is still causing so so much problems. It took over ten times of steadily repeating finding the peek a newz for it to finally let me sign in. It keeps saying error or CSRF or a red lit up bar saying my trys have timed out before finally repeatedly trying it just finally popped in. It is getting worse every day that I try to log on here. Please fix whatever the problem is. I am not the only one this is happening to.

  3. audrie888 says:

    First day that Webkinz Newz was able to let me log in !! I am glad the problem or bug seems to be fixed! :3

  4. P00KA2 says:

    Hi, Love them all ! :) TY ! The only thing is, I wish the well bucket went up and down like on classic.

  5. webkinzwizard02 says:

    I adore this theme! I’d love to see a fairy tale season to match this stuff in the future!!!

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