Every Day is an Adventure for Deluxe Members!

Have you completed all your Quests in Adventure Park? That’s okay because every day in the Adventure Park holds a brand new adventure for Deluxe members!


Deluxe members can now enjoy a new Daily Quest every day in the Adventure Park. All you have to do to get these awesome Daily Quests is to be sure and complete all your other Adventure Park Quests first. You can also get daily Adventure Park Quests by adopting an Adventure Pet from the eStore.


So, don’t forget to do your Daily Quests every day in the Adventure Park. It’s just one more awesome thing about being a Deluxe member in Webkinz World!

39 Responses to Every Day is an Adventure for Deluxe Members!

  1. mommyschmoo says:

    This is not really clear. Shouldn’t we have a new Daily Quest everyday anyway? Hence the name…Daily Quest. Guess I’ll have to investigate and see if there is an addtional quest.

  2. happy1 says:

    Love adding this to my daily activities. Thanks! Lots of fun and fast to do too.

  3. ofjune says:

    Pretty cool! I just joined Deluxe so I’m still figuring this out. So far it’s AWESOME!!!

  4. lily21 says:

    that’s cool I’m going to go to the estore and buy an adventure park pet!

  5. ladygrama says:

    I love the quests but right now my adventure will not load

  6. MereMonkey says:

    One of my very first pets was a spotted frog, which is now an Adventure Park pet. Wish that area was retro-active so I didn’t have to add another pet!

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