Everything you need to know about babies

Everything you need to know about babies! Babies are a unique feature to Webkinz Next and let you grow your family in a fun and exciting way. With the way that traits are inherited, there is endless variety to the kinds of babies you could spark!


Sparking refers to the combination of sparks from two contributing pets, with a new baby as the result. To spark a baby, you need:

  • Two pets with at least 1 spark each
  • 80 Diamonds


Head to the Adoption Center to get started and click on the heart podium. Pick the two grown up pets that will contribute sparks and then click Use Sparks.

The type of pet your baby will be is randomly decided — basically a coin toss between the two grown ups that contributed sparks. While some features will cross over (horns appearing on pets that don’t typically have horns, for example), babies are generally one pet type or another. Sparking a frog and dog doesn’t result in a half frog/half dog — it’s one or the other.

Your baby inherits 3 traits from the grown ups directly; the remaining traits are randomly generated. This is how you can have two common pets spark a rare baby! Every time you spark, there’s also a chance that you might get a Rare or an Ultra Rare limited edition baby. These come with the option to purchase a Limited Edition Rare or Ultra Rare plush. Note that these limited edition pets are not available on Webkinz Classic, so if you order them, they do not come with codes — your virtual pet is already on your Next account. While you’re more likely to spark a limited edition plush if you use the sparks from the regular version of the pet (like using the Golden Retriever if you’re hoping for a Rainbow Retriever), it is possible to spark a limited edition pet with any combination of pets.

More about sparks:

  • Your starter pet comes with 1 spark
  • Purchased pets come with 3 sparks
  • Sparked babies grow up to have 3 sparks*
  • Right now there’s no way to get more sparks once they’re used up
*Limited edition pets do not have sparks when they grow up


Sparked babies extend your full membership just like purchasing a pet from the Adoption Center or adopting a pet code from a purchased pet.

After you’ve sparked your baby, it’s time to bring them home and pick a room for their crib to go in. You can choose one of three crib types. If you’re not ready to pick yet, you can always pick later.


Babies can be needy, but they’re certainly cute! Click on your baby to open the crib interface and see what options you have:

  • Feeding milk
  • Singing a lullaby
  • Playing with toy
  • Cooing to baby
  • Playing with rattle
  • Tickling
  • Changing diaper
  • Cleaning


Your baby will often make requests for specific things. Some of these are growth requests (more on this under Growing), and some are just random requests. Usually you make your baby happy when you fill these requests.

But what if your baby is grumpy? Sometimes you can spot the fussing and kicking in their crib when you’re in the room — how do you make them happy?
If your baby is close to the tantrum on their mood meter, odds are they’re hungry, tired or both! First try feeding your baby some milk. Sometimes your baby needs two bottles before their mood gets up. Then, look at their eyes. If they look really sleepy, try singing a lullaby. They’ll feel better after they’ve had a nap.
Try out some of the buttons — the baby will react and let you know if they like it or not. A baby that’s close to a tantrum probably doesn’t want to be tickled!
There are two options that are usually not available: Changing diaper and Cleaning. Sometimes your baby has a dirty diaper — when that happens, you’ll be able to click that button to clean them up and change their diaper. If you feed your baby too much milk, they might spit up! That’s when you can clean your baby.

One of the challenges involves making your baby go to sleep. How do you manage that? The best way is to feed them a couple of times and then alternate between some of the activities (like tickling and playing) and then trying the lullaby when they start looking sleepy.


Sure, you can play with your baby in the crib, but did you know that you can also take your baby out to play? There’s a whole baby park to explore, and some of the baby equipment can be made on the work bench for a baby park in your own back yard.

You’ll need a stroller to take your baby to Kinzville — open up the W Shop, go to Specials and look under Interactive for a variety of styles.
Drag the stroller into your room and then click on it. You will be prompted to pick a baby to put in the stroller. If you don’t pick one, you’ll be driving around an empty stroller, but that’s sometimes fun, too!

Once you have your baby in the stroller, head to Kinzville! Click on the the baby ball pit, slide, swing and merry go round for your baby to play on it. If you need to do, click on the stroller icon to temporarily hide your baby in Kinzville. And if you see other players with their babies? Click on their strollers to take a look at their babies! You can see all of their cool traits and rotate the baby to see them from all angles.
If you have any of the baby park equipment in your yard, it works the same way! Put your baby in the stroller, then walk over to your equipment and click on it — the baby will play in it.
When you’re done taking your baby out in the world, return home and click the stroller icon. This will put the baby back in the crib and detach the stroller from your pet.


Babies are cute, but maybe you’re eager to grow your baby up to a kid, and then to a grown up! Babies grow when you’ve collected 15 growth moments. How do you get a growth moment? There are three main ways:

  • Responding to growth requests
  • Earning 15 bonus growth
  • Sending your baby to daycare


Babies will often make requests. When you see a green arrow next to the request, it’s a growth request. This means that you’ll earn one growth moment for completing the request. Babies generally make one growth request every 8 hours.

Every hour, though, you can earn what’s called bonus growth. Playing or interacting with your baby once an hour will earn one bonus growth. Collect 15 bonus growth to earn a full growth moment. When your buttons are green, that means you’ll earn bonus growth for doing that activity.

You can also send your baby to daycare. Your baby will spend the next 8 hours at daycare and won’t be available to play with, but they’ll come back with one additional growth moment.
If you only play once a day, the best thing to do is to check in on your baby as soon as possible and interact with it to earn some bonus growth. Then, wait for a growth request to earn a growth moment. If you play for an hour, you may be able to grab a second bonus growth, and then just before you log off, send your baby to daycare — it’s free for the first baby each day!

Once your baby has 15 growth moments, you can choose to grow your baby or keep them as they are. While your baby is mostly confined to the crib or stroller, kids can go anywhere grown ups can!
Can’t get enough babies? I post my Baby of the Day every day on social media, and you can see a big post of babies on my Friday Baby Showcase. You can also head to the Adoption Center each day to see the most recently sparked babies.
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