EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Amanda Panda!


Hi Webkinz Newz readers! It’s Ella McWoof, Kinzville’s resident blogger, and I’m here again with another EXCLUSIVE interview! Today we drop in on the Wish Factory’s darling and delightful host– Amanda Panda!


Amanda: It’s so great to see you!


Ella: You too! So Amanda, what makes the Wish Factory so special?


Amanda: I’m glad you asked, Ella! Everyone just loves the Exclusive Items they get when adopting a new pet, but sometimes it’s hard to win that specific one you’re looking for, and that’s where the Wish Factory comes in! Here you can see all of the available Exclusive Items in the Wish machine, and buy them using Wish Tokens!


Ella: Cool! So how do I get Wish Tokens?


Amanda: There’s lots of ways you can get them! Of course, we give one out every Webkinz Day. Also, if you visit Today’s Activities, you might just find an event that will give one out, like the Wheel of Wishes! And make sure you play Wacky’s Logout Carnival, because there’s a chance to win a Wish Token there too!


Ella: What if I want to collect Wish Tokens faster?


Amanda: Well, the fastest way to collect Wish Tokens is to be a Deluxe Member. Not only do they get a Wish Token as part of their special gift each month, but they also have Token Balloon Darts and more opportunities to get Wish Tokens through Today’s Activities.


Ella: What’s the Wish of the Day?


Amanda: Anyone in Webkinz World can visit me once a day and make a Wish of the Day. If you come by and wish for an item in the Wish Machine, at the end of the day I’ll draw a name from everyone who entered and they’ll get that Exclusive Item for FREE! You can check back here at the start of each day to see who won!


Ella: Wow, that sounds great! Thanks for telling me all about the Wish Factory. Now I think I need to do a little shopping…!


Amanda: No problem—you’re welcome. I hope all of your wishes come true!


That’s it for my interview with Amanda Panda! If you were to interview her, what questions would you ask? And who should I interview next? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. iloveolaf2014 says:

    interview wacky!!! lol

    • webkinzarefun says:

      I can see it now lol………………….. “So,mr.Wacky sir, how is life being the Wackiest Guy in webkinz World?” “mmm-mm.” “Um,Well is there anything you would like t say to your fans?” “mm-mm” said wacky “Sigh.” said Ella Mcwoolf “PLAY MY GAME!!!!!! :P” says Wacky THEE END!!! LOL A MASTERPIECE COMPLETED~webkinzarefun JESUS DIED FOR YOUUU! <3

  2. TigerKinzKG says:

    i’m confused. so we have to make a wish with your tokens to get the exclusive item wish of the day???????

    • SavannahSong says:

      poor thing! ur confused! when you go to the Wish Factory, click on the crystal ball in front of Amanda Panda where it says Wish of the Day and select the item you want. if you’re very, very, very lucky, you might win it. now, when you get wish tokens, put them in at the top of the screen where you see the mini token and the downward pointing arrow. it’ll show how many tokens you’ve saved up and once you have enough, you can unlock the items. be selective, though, because it takes quite a while to get enough tokens for the thing you want. hope it helps! ;) :D

  3. BuffaloGirl14075 says:

    I’d like to read an interview with Raziel and find out how things are going now that the baby is here.

  4. Nevie_Boo says:

    Can they have a Krafty Kimmy Interview? :D

  5. arianatootlebug says:

    Hmm… I wish you would ask in your interviews more personal questions about them and their outside life. As for interviews, I think you should interview Wacky. Keep up the good work, Ella Mcwoof!!!!

  6. Snowflake Pup Queen says:


  7. pingpongkitties says:

    Thanks for the interesting article and interview – I would have liked to ask Amanda Panda if she would ever consider adding pet of the month exclusives to the Wish Factory. I would love to be able to use my wish tokens for some of those items! Also, I would love to hear from people who have won the Wish of the Day – I play pretty regularly and have yet to win. Could you possibly interview Ms. Cowoline soon and ask her if she is considering adding the tutoring option again at the Kinzville Academy – that would make me so happy! Thanks Ella!

    • stinkum5 says:

      Pingpongkitties, I love the idea of the pet of the month items being added. Also, maybe some retired items as well. I would like an interview with Sheldon and ask him where he goes on vacation.

      • CheekyCat says:

        @pingpongkitties, what was the tutoring option at the Kinzville Academy like? @stinkum5,pingpongkitties, I don’t think they would put in Pet Of the Month items in there, unless you have the pet even if you didn’t adopt it when it was POTM. @stinkum5, I don’t think that Ganz will unretire items unless they have a glitch and they re-appear and it wouldn’t be fair to the people who have the retired ones because they would not be worth as much…the best way to get the retired ones is trading ;-), and by the way Sheldon goes to his shell for vacation :-D

        • pingpongkitties says:

          Thanks for the question CheekyCat! There used to be an option where you could pay kinzcash (I believe it was something like 200) for a tutor in order to be able to pass a class for the day. I didn’t have to use it that often when it was available because I was still at lower level classes and could pass them on my own. Now that I am at the higher levels, I could really use that tutor option in order to pass my weight lifting and agility classes as my pets could really use the help – it’s always a good idea to ask for help when you need it! Also, it never hurts to ask about things such as the pet of the month and/or retired items because you just never know – maybe if enough people ask, Ganz would consider it. And even though it may not be fair to the traders, it would be fair and fun for someone like me who already has all of the pets of the month adopted (I have a very big family) and who doesn’t care for trading in order to get some of these items. Thanks for reading.

    • webkinzarefun says:

      oooh!! tutoring option?!!! SOUNDS AWWWESOMMME!! :D

  8. b67j says:

    Cool! You should interview Persephone next! That’d be neat.

  9. MGFish says:

    My name is Ella! Like Ella McWoof! ~MGFish~

  10. kayla2013x says:

    is it fun working at the wish factory?

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