EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Amanda Panda!


Hi Webkinz Newz readers! It’s Ella McWoof, Kinzville’s resident blogger, and I’m here again with another EXCLUSIVE interview! Today we drop in on the Wish Factory’s darling and delightful host– Amanda Panda!


Amanda: It’s so great to see you!


Ella: You too! So Amanda, what makes the Wish Factory so special?


Amanda: I’m glad you asked, Ella! Everyone just loves the Exclusive Items they get when adopting a new pet, but sometimes it’s hard to win that specific one you’re looking for, and that’s where the Wish Factory comes in! Here you can see all of the available Exclusive Items in the Wish machine, and buy them using Wish Tokens!


Ella: Cool! So how do I get Wish Tokens?


Amanda: There’s lots of ways you can get them! Of course, we give one out every Webkinz Day. Also, if you visit Today’s Activities, you might just find an event that will give one out, like the Wheel of Wishes! And make sure you play Wacky’s Logout Carnival, because there’s a chance to win a Wish Token there too!


Ella: What if I want to collect Wish Tokens faster?


Amanda: Well, the fastest way to collect Wish Tokens is to be a Deluxe Member. Not only do they get a Wish Token as part of their special gift each month, but they also have Token Balloon Darts and more opportunities to get Wish Tokens through Today’s Activities.


Ella: What’s the Wish of the Day?


Amanda: Anyone in Webkinz World can visit me once a day and make a Wish of the Day. If you come by and wish for an item in the Wish Machine, at the end of the day I’ll draw a name from everyone who entered and they’ll get that Exclusive Item for FREE! You can check back here at the start of each day to see who won!


Ella: Wow, that sounds great! Thanks for telling me all about the Wish Factory. Now I think I need to do a little shopping…!


Amanda: No problem—you’re welcome. I hope all of your wishes come true!


That’s it for my interview with Amanda Panda! If you were to interview her, what questions would you ask? And who should I interview next? Let me know in the comments below!



50 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Amanda Panda!

  1. sweetflower5 says:

    I liked that interview… I NEED to see an interview with Plumpy! Have so many questions to ask her! Never got mine answered yet! :(

  2. webkinzarefun says:

    BTW I Love Olaf TOOO!!

  3. Ana_Cuautle says:

    i want to see u interview Debbie Dragon because i never get to see her cause i never have enough kinzcash to buy a vacation.

  4. Kitkatkittykat3 says:

    Ella, You should interview DEX DANGEROUS !! It would be awesome

  5. BendItLikeKorra says:

    Yay the interview I’ve been waiting for!! Thank you Ganz!

  6. smj1394 says:

    Interview Fred Rover!

  7. Julie3 says:

    Does she live at the wish factory? ;)

  8. thaliagracehalfblood says:

    i want you to interveiw arte.

  9. Teddy5 says:

    What ever happened to Plumpy’s little best friend? It would be fun to have more stories about the kinzville kids and their adventures.

  10. iloveolaf2014 says:

    or sheldon turtle maybe, or mr moo lol

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