Expired Community Codes Re-activated June 9 – 16


Oops! Due to a mix-up, some of the Community Codes expired earlier than the dates we posted on Webkinz Newz. We’re very sorry for the miscommunication!


To make up for the glitch, from June 9 until midnight EST June 16 we will be reactivating the Community Codes for the following items:


- Blanche’s Dress W24M-QKQN-HW57-BUKL

- Join the Adventure Sleeping Bag W245-PTS8-WLWE-ZNE2

- Kinzville Parade Chair W24C-MWN5-U3UH-M296

- Kinzville Varsity Jacket W24K-J6CK-AKWA-ZZA4

- Mayor’s Limo W244-T6GB-E44X-CGXL

- After Party Booth W24Q-9EZY-AS55-LPZ4

- Wacky Tower of Kinzville W24V-X2HS-7D47-RNLL

- Fountain of WOW W24M-FQYP-7MVQ-TPGE

- Kinz Coaster W24J-3UB3-6WKU-JFB6


Community Codes award an item once per account, so if you have already claimed your code, this will not affect you.


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience!

99 Responses to Expired Community Codes Re-activated June 9 – 16

  1. ImaPepper says:

    Thank you very much for doing this–I was finally able to get all of the prizes–yay! :-)

  2. misscheer1222 says:

    Thank you so much for reposting the codes! I can’t believe I almost missed the opportunity to use the codes I missed in the first place!

  3. Katf15 says:

    It says the code is already used even though I don’t have the item!!!!!!!! HELP!!!

  4. littlebluenut says:

    Super cool for doing this, as I missed out on the varsity jacket; however, adding the museum T-Rex would have been cool. I received two brontosaurus slides instead of the T-Rex.

  5. ridzilla says:

    Thank you so much and especially for reposting the codes, it was getting confusing figuring out which was which! Loved the Days of Play, thanks for all the prizes.

  6. ELJUCO1964 says:

    A HUGE THANK YOU Gantz , I was able to get all of them ,, that is awesome…

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