Fall Buddy Scavenger Hunt on eStore!


There are so many ways to earn the cute new Fall Pet Buddies! We’re giving away community codes that randomly award one of these cute buddies on social media, on Podkinz, through Kinzpost, and right here on Newz!


Now there’s a new way to earn a Fall Pet Buddy community code! Follow the clues to our scavenger hunt on Ganz eStore to collect four parts of a code! Put the parts together and enter them in the Code Shop in Webkinz Classic to win a buddy!



To get you started, here is your first clue:


You’re really going to FALL for this new Webkinz Classic bunny!


Click the button below to go to eStore and start your scavenger hunt! Good luck!



And remember – there are more chances to win on our social media platforms!


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43 Responses to Fall Buddy Scavenger Hunt on eStore!

  1. shadow1109 says:

    help I did scavenger, missing first part of code, went thru new items etc. thanks they look cute

  2. lucylane556 says:

    Thank you, that was so much fun! And I found a different code while I was at it…

  3. schuckersd says:

    i now have 3 leaves. they are cute but i would like at lease 1 acorn and apple

  4. KarenaJ says:

    This is really fun. I was so lucky and got one of each! Can’t believe my luck since my mom got 3 leaves on hers, which she was sad because she really wanted an acorn for her cinnamon squirrel!! But the leaf is totally adorable so can’t feel too badly lol

    • megamom12 says:

      I’m stunned that the team could make something as simple as an oak leaf look so dog gone cute!

    • Katz1259 says:

      How do you have 3? I have one from the podcast and 1 from the scavenger hunt, both leaves. I have looked on FB and saw the post and it had more than the number of replies asked for but I didn’t find a code. I don’t have instagram or twitter so I know I will miss those ones. I don’t like to load down my computer with programs/apps that I would never use.

  5. awesomesaus says:

    The code I received in the mail didn’t work either!

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