Fall Buddy Scavenger Hunt on eStore!


There are so many ways to earn the cute new Fall Pet Buddies! We’re giving away community codes that randomly award one of these cute buddies on social media, on Podkinz, through Kinzpost, and right here on Newz!


Now there’s a new way to earn a Fall Pet Buddy community code! Follow the clues to our scavenger hunt on Ganz eStore to collect four parts of a code! Put the parts together and enter them in the Code Shop in Webkinz Classic to win a buddy!



To get you started, here is your first clue:


You’re really going to FALL for this new Webkinz Classic bunny!


Click the button below to go to eStore and start your scavenger hunt! Good luck!



And remember – there are more chances to win on our social media platforms!


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43 Responses to Fall Buddy Scavenger Hunt on eStore!

  1. Fedorovgirl says:

    Any clues about the 3rd buddy code? I got the scavenger hunt one and then a 2nd code, but I heard there was a third code. Thx :)

    • gadsfavs1 says:

      Fedorovgirl, there was one on the newest podcast, one sent to you via kinzpost/letter to your game and the hunt at the eStore. Hope that helps!

      • Fedorovgirl says:

        @gadsfavs1 – Thanks for the quick reply! I forgot about one of them lol. I did get one of each buddy–a Leaf for my Autumn Bunny, an Apple for my Black Friesian horse and an Acorn for my Chipmunk!

        • Fedorovgirl says:

          Whooops! I got one of each buddy on my *other( account (Wingsfan65). Under this account, I got three Leaf buddies. I know they are triplicates but they’re really cute :D

  2. blackball says:

    I received all leaf buddies on all my accounts 9 leaf buddies what bad luck

  3. BubbaC4 says:

    My code does not work. Did the Hunt 2 times, came up with the same code and it does not work

    • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

      The code worked for me, after I re-did it a FEW times. If you’re like me, and you rush through everything, this may be the problem! LOL! Sometimes I get 8′s and B’s mixed up, or everything else that looks even a little alike! :) So take your time and read each letter/number very slowly; maybe you are going too fast. I hope this helps! :)

  4. Bedford says:

    The code does not work. I’ve done the scavenger hunt 2 times to make sure I had the right code, and I did, and it does not work. Help!

  5. gadsfavs1 says:

    Another leaf :/

  6. FuzzyFriends says:

    PLEASE tell me that you would do this again next year! So far I have had no good luck and gotten 3 leaves (not that it’s bad or anything, I just wanted one of each) I’m starting to fear that I might not be able to get all of them.

  7. bkbauer says:

    Got 2 leaves and 1 apple. Hope we get some more chances.

  8. mimi1960 says:

    where do you start this at the estore

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi @mimi1960! The clue above says, “You’re really going to FALL for this new Webkinz Classic bunny!” I don’t know how much we are allowed to say, but if you go to the eStore, the bunny you are looking for should be on the opening screen. If for some reason it is not, type “bunny” in the search bar and the bunny you need to start the hunt will be the first one. Click on the bunny and scroll to the bottom of it’s page to see the first part of the prize code, and to get your second clue. I hope this goes through, and I hope that it helps! Good luck!

  9. PEBBLES1973 says:

    I got one of each of the new pet buddies yay

  10. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    So much fun! I got three leaf buddies on my main account and two leaf buddies and one Apple buddy on my second account. Fingers crossed I get an acorn buddy soon! :-)

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