Fall Fest Is Here!

Fall Fest 2013 begins Saturday, September 21st!

As the leaves change colors, many Webkinz’s thoughts turn to one of the best times of the year…fall!


Be sure to click the floating leaves in Webkinz World between September 21 and 30 to receive a prize!


Throughout Fall Fest, you can buy 4-packs or 6-packs of Fall Fest Soda at the eStore—feed them to your pet for a chance to win even more prizes, including the amazing grand prize… a Pumpkin Coach Bed!



68 Responses to Fall Fest Is Here!

  1. NanaZaza says:

    Fall Fest was kind of a bust on my website. Only saw 6 or less leaves, ended up with 6 leaf piles, bought a 6-pack of soda and got nothing cool at all. :(

  2. luckyboomboom22 says:

    i love all of the fest

  3. perkyjulie says:

    need the yellow leaf

  4. kadielle says:

    Excellent prizes this year!

  5. doomboom12 says:

    i have thm all

  6. Delaylablue says:

    Looks coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jrflores says:

    A Pumpkin Coach Bed! How wonderful! I hope I can win it! If I don’t win it I might be able to trade for it.

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