Fall Fest Starts Today!



UPDATE: The Fall Tree Quilt Tile will not be included in this year’s floating leaf prize pool, however you can collect them from Wekinz Newz! From September 20 – 30, look for the floating Fall Leaf Quilt Tile and click on it to send one back to your Webkinz Classic account (limited to 1 per account, per day). Happy Fall Fest!


Fall Fest has officially begun on Webkinz Classic, and it will run until midnight, September 30. Look for Fall Fest leaves floating across your screen, and click on them to win Fall Fest prizes!


Here’s a look at what you can win::



If you want to see Fall Fest leaves while you are playing at the Webkinz Classic Arcade, open and close the WShop while you are at the Arcade, and you’ll start seeing them while you play games!


You can also buy bottles of 2021 Fall Fest Soda from the WShop for eStore Points. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop.



Every time you feed your pet a bottle of Fall Fest Soda, you’ll win a prize! You’ll also have the chance to win this year’s grand prize: A Fall Fest Food Truck Dispenser:



You can click on the Fall Fest Food Truck Dispenser every day to get a tasty Fall Fest treat! There are 3 types of food you can collect from the truck: Candy Corn Cheesecake, Cream of Pumpkin Soup and an Apple Butter Turnover.


The leaves are falling faster than any other Fall Fest we’ve held in the past, so don’t miss this year’s event!


43 Responses to Fall Fest Starts Today!

  1. yami7 says:

    Fall fest 2021 is the best of them all because there is no creek tiles ! I want to see christmas just as good this year !

  2. holomermaid says:

    Is it broken? I have 2 accounts and have gotten every prize available since the first day. Yet I have not gotten a single red tile :( Please fix this bug. I have gotten many duplicates of the other prizes but not one red quilt tile.

  3. allenraposa says:

    where do I find the truck!!! its been 3 days and I haven’t found the fall truck and I have 2 reading library rooms.

  4. Sonari says:

    Sooooo many wonderful fall items. Thanks for the wonderful designs and the super high winds blowing those leaves through faster!

  5. Bobby113 says:

    Oh my golly, I’m really enjoying fall fest and catching the FAST FALLING leaves. so much fun to have them coming faster. Thanks alot Ganz.

  6. Linny113 says:

    Having the floaty leaves floating so quickly makes it an absolute joy to do them. So much fun this time instead of sitting there waiting and waiting. Thank you so very much, Ganz. It’s wonderful playing it and love fall fest. Thank you thank you thank you.

  7. TropicalGirl says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for having the leaves fall faster this year! It makes this event so much more fun and exciting. Love love love all the prizes!

  8. AuntietoEW says:

    Thank you for reducing the time between the floating leaves! I love the fall prizes. Can you please change the Fall Tree Quilt Tile so it can be sent through KinzPost? That would make it possible to collect all the tiles on my main account. The other tiles can be sent through KinzPost. Thanks. AuntietoEW.

  9. yami7 says:

    Cookie seeds and food truck so yummy :-D also love all the tiles, plushy, and all the other great prizes ! I hope winter fest is this very good as well !

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