Fan Art Showcase #59

Welcome to another edition of Ganz Fanz! This special edition features art found on Kinztagram!




If you want to send in your favorite Webkinz drawings (and maybe get them posted on the Webkinz Newz front page!), please share them in the Share Center (under “Fan Art”) at the Ganz Parent Club or snail mail them to:


Ganz #043 60 Industrial Parkway

Cheektowaga, New York



38 Responses to Fan Art Showcase #59

  1. acoolaunt says:

    Those are very pretty, they’d make a great calendar!

  2. julieperkins says:

    there all just too cute , good job all of you , and thanks for making my day ; )

  3. Jaredkinz says:

    START THE HASHTAG #featurejaredkinz hehe

  4. ngeorgianow says:

    Wow! They’re all SO good!

  5. kittypoo says:

    Congrats everyone who is featured! :D

  6. BlackBeauty says:

    I love sassycat143 videos but LikacKinz is awesome too! Great photography guys!

  7. FoxesRule612 says:

    WOW! I love these so much!!

  8. TwinnDoll says:

    I loved all these pictures, especially the one with the grizzly and the first one with the waterfall and wolf. The tigers reminded me of a volcano and the two orangeish tigers are the lava. Maybe they are talking about transforming into a volcano. Like when they work together as a team they can transform.

  9. chickenlittleROX says:

    Wow – well done! Love them all:)

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