Fan Art Showcase #67

Welcome to another edition of Ganz Fanz! This special edition features art found in the Share Center!


If you want to send in your favorite Webkinz drawings (and maybe get them posted on the Webkinz Newz front page!), please share them in the Share Center (under “Fan Art”) at the Ganz Parent Club or snail mail them to:


Ganz #043 60 Industrial Parkway

Cheektowaga, New York



51 Responses to Fan Art Showcase #67

  1. behe123 says:

    I done a lot of pet designs+pet specific gift box+pet specific item+pet specific food(sakura cat, pink teddybear, rose squirell, white peacock, flower fawn, crystal husky cub, fairykinz purple wolf cub )

  2. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Wh-wh-whaaaat…. my drawing was actually… featured? O-M-Goodness, thank you so, so much, Ganz!! :D Seeing this really made my day! ^-^ Pikachu (the goofy lil’ fennec fox in my picture) really appreciates it, too, haha! XD

    • TaffyKitty12 says:

      Also, congratulations to all of the other wonderful artists who were featured, and a special shoutout to my friends, @FoxesRule612 (your picture of Firefox taking over the world is just too funny, haha! :,D I like his expression, too XD ), @EmilyCuteHeart (I absolutely love your cute lil’ pic of Sherman! :) He’s such a snazzy little fella!), and @Itswebkinztime (your Webkinz world logo ‘blanket’ looks amazing! ^-^ ) And, of course, congrats to everyone else, as well! Hazzy: I love your cloud sheep sketch! I’m really digging that excellent shading ;) tutters9: D’aww, your Shiba Inu looks so content chasing that butterfly… how precious! 20hreiling: I adore your jewel beetle drawing! You have a very cute style ^-^ ….

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        … Mreeha: What a nice lil’ kitty! I love the shade of pink you used :) Centaurpede: Wowee, you did an awesome job drawing those ‘kinz on all fours! If only I had your skills, haha XD rksovis443: I really like your cherry blossom bird sketch! It’s such a neat pet, isn’t it? ^-^ bluenightkitty: A posh persian would be the coolest thing ever! :D Maybe Ganz will take your idea into consideration? And CenonPlusFish: I gotta say, the clover kitty you drew looks wonderful! I really like your eye style, especially! ~Overall, great job, everyone, and keep up the amazing art! :)

      • EmilyCuteHeart says:

        Aww, thanks, Taffy! I’m glad you liked Sherman so much, especially since I made it for ya, heh. :D

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:


  3. powerpr says:

    So many good artist!

  4. oudoll2 says:

    Great job everyone! I can’t even draw flies. LOL!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. FoxesRule612 says:

    Congrats to everyone featured! Shoutouts to EmilyCuteHeart, Hazzy, and 20hreiling! =D

  6. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Ahhh!!!!! Congratulations, everyone! Special congrats to Itswebkinztime, TaffyKitty12, Mreeha, EmilyCuteHeart, FoxesRule612, and 20hreiling!!! All of the drawings and items were sooo cute! Lol, you’re better at sewing than I am, Itswebkinz time! ;)

  7. KSC says:

    Wow!!!! These are fantastic! Congratulations to everyone whose wonderful artwork is featured!

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