Fan Mail with Fiona #102

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).




Hello there Fiona! How are you? I wanted to know, if you have a deluxe membership and it is about to expire, can you adopt a pet when you have deluxe membership then a pet membership once the deluxe membership expires? Thanks a bunch! -cottoncandykayla





I’m great, thanks for asking, cottoncandykayla! Let me make sure I understand your question… you want to know what happens if you adopt a pet towards the end of your Deluxe Membership and your Deluxe Membership expires, right? Well, you’ll still have full membership for a year from the date of that pet adoption, even if when your Deluxe Membership expires! While you don’t have to adopt pets as a Deluxe Member to keep your account going, you will still have a year’s worth of full membership from the adoption of your last pet — but you won’t really notice it unless your Deluxe Membership expires. Hope that clears things up!





Dear Fiona, I have noticed the gold template has some fine text written on it, though I can’t entirely make it out. Looks to be ‘Winslow’s Homes’ or ‘Windows Homes’. I am very curious about what it really says and what it means in Webkinz World? Thanks! -g2u3c4c5i :)





You have some eagle eyes, g2u3c4c5i! The name on the trophy is actually Winslow Homer, a famous landscape painter, and it’s kind of an Easter egg. The designer of the trophy was a big fan, and usually you can’t read the name plate, but this time it was a bit more legible. There’s no secret meaning within Webkinz World — just very enthusiastic artists!






Dear Fiona, I have a few of the Webkinz that do not have Magic W’s on them. I was wondering which Webkinz were made first, the ones without Magic W’s or the Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat? Also, I was wondering which Webkinz were made with Magic W’s? I only have a pig, cow, and polar bear. I’m sure there are other ones. – janglad62




Interesting question, janglad62! The Cheeky Cat and Dog were first released in September 2005. The Cow and Pig were released in April 2005, but the Polar Bear didn’t come out until September 2006. All Webkinz pets are meant to have a Magic W. Most of the time, a pet missing a Magic W is actually a manufacturing mistake. Did you know that some Webkinz pets end up with two Magic Ws?! They’re pretty rare, I think, but it would be pretty neat to have one.








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71 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #102

  1. kittymade10 says:

    Dear Fiona, when can we invite our friends to our houses?

  2. kadielle says:

    Hi, Fiona (or anyone). Why did the Toadstool theme disappear from the W-Shop? Did I miss something?

  3. nitelite says:

    i know this is just random but i eed to know. Why has the deluxe challenges got so much harder. 260 per game is lots for us non gamer. pl lease make it a bit simpler

  4. higby99 says:

    Fiona, I heard rumors that webkinz will be shutting down soon permanently… is this true? I’m ready to buy a deluxe membership but I don’t want to if it is going to shut down.

  5. Gramkins says:

    I did one of those DEMAND request from my pet to do a job. I did it. Now, with 5:55 hours to go, I was suppose to do a daily job , but I can’t ! I HATE THAT !!!

  6. fans44 says:

    I am having problems finding finding the first clue in the Treasure hunt for August. Can you please help?

  7. EverEverOn says:

    Webkinz have become very hard to find in retail stores lately. Will there ever be a chance that Webkinz will return to retail stores, or will online stores be the only way to get them from now on?

  8. Sally Webkinz says:

    Zingoz Celebration ended yesterday. Wacky Zingoz is no longer awarding trophies and WackyER Zingoz is no longer awarding prizes

  9. itmustbenice says:

    I am not usually disappointed with games, however I won 7 Wacky standee signs today and don’t want any more of them. Is there a shortage of rugs, etc?

  10. Gramkins says:

    ejnitkam ~ I AGREE! The other day I just finished helping my pet brush his teeth, hadn’t even stepped away from the sink yet, when I got a demand to help him brush his teeth ! Demand to play a game I hate ! Just get her dressed for the day & she demands to wear something else ! And why win something that you can’t get rid of ! How many camping outfits do you need? 11 is a few too many ! I have junk in storage that I’ve had for years ! We need a way to dump this junk & refuse the little brat’s demands ! Polite pets would never act so rude.

    • ngeorgianow says:

      As for giving away junk, try the giveaway tab on the trading forums here on newz. Get to it under forums, then trading. You can also just send stuff to friends, and a lot of it becomes worth something if you wait long enough.

      • ngeorgianow says:

        A ‘pause pet requests button’ would be nice. That, and not asking for stuff you can’t do, like jobs when as a deluxe player you’ve already done two. I normally just ignore them when im in the middle of something, but some people do get pretty annoyed with them.

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