Fan Mail with Fiona #33

Whoa! More fan mail? More fan mail!  It’s your fine-feathered friend, Fiona, here to answer more questions. As always, for my past answers, click here!






Happy 2016 Fiona!!! Thank you for sorting through and answering our Fan Mail queries. I’n hoping my Return of Academy Actions Question did not get lost and you get to answer it next batch! – 50ishwebbies


And a very happy 2016 to you, as well! I truly wish there was something concrete I could tell you…other than Actions will be back eventually. It’s not the greatest answer, I know, but you can be sure that we’ll be tooting our horns over the return of Actions, and room invites, and all the other things that were affected by Webkinz X.




hay ganz i am just wondering.i have sent in many letters with questions but non of them have been answered.why is that – Rnw9kinz


Hi there, Rnw9kinz! Sometimes questions aren’t answered because they’ve already been answered before. You might want to take a looksie through the archive of answers. Other times, there’s no real answer. We’re working hard on fixing all that went squirrelly with Webkinz X, so many questions on when this or that in particular will be fixed, the only answer is that we’re working on it. Keep asking questions, though — you never know when your question will be picked! (Like it just was!)




Hi Fiona!!! I love completing challenges, it’s so fun and the prizes are awesome, but I’ve finished for awhile them all. Will there be more new ones, except Monthly Deluxe Challenges and others for events like Winterfest or Wacky Celebration, because is really fun to complete them!!! – WebkinzLover2015



Hiya WebkinzLover2015! Wouldn’t you know it? I think I heard some chit chat around the water cooler about just this subject. Not sure how many permanent Challenges are in the works, but there may be some cool new short term ones coming up.





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128 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #33

  1. Katf15 says:

    HI Fiona! I have a question about the X factor. My dock says there is a brown package in my dock but I removed everything else from my dock. Is it an error? Or is there more stuff that won’t come out? Thanks…KATF15

  2. mrsalm says:

    Hello Fiona: I have reached the 1,000,000 in the Family Circle Prizes, is that the end or can we keep playing, accumulate points for a next round. If there’s nothing else that will be added, I’d rather not focus on it anymore.

  3. hunterslove says:

    Hi Fiona! Can you tell me how many items on webkinz still needs to be fixed? Is there a list somewhere? I still can’t open the Vacation Island luggage to get my clothing. And I still have clothing missing from 1 of my pets that isn’t in my dock.

  4. tifferbop says:

    Dear Fiona, I was wondering why we can no longer win prizes for answering questions on the Pet of the Month videos. I really miss that. I wanted to grab more prizes for my pets’ rooms.

  5. Hippoopi says:

    Dear Fiona, What does Arte Fact do with the tips we give to him?

    • tifferbop says:

      I think that the more money you either tip Arte or spend in his Curio Shop will allow him to tell you when to expect rare items in the shop. Hope this helps. That’s what I noticed on my account anyway. :)

  6. Wycklyn says:

    Hi, Fiona! I hope your feathers aren’t too icy! It’s only 9 degrees here today! Brrr! I was wondering if there are any plans to change the prizes on the Wheel of the Month? I’ve already got everything on there and the only thing I still want is the extra spin on the Wheel of Wow. Thanks!

  7. CrookedTailTiger says:

    Hi, Fiona. I was looking through the Webkinz catalog to look for a gift for a friend (she already has a panda) when I realized that I couldn’t find my first Webkinz that I ever got, which is a Lil Alley Cat. Sure, I found the normal alley cat, but has the Lil Alley Cat gone away? –Crook

    • Wycklyn says:

      Hi, Crook! I recently found some Lil Alley Cats, but I can’t remember if they were at Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning. So . . . look around, I’m sure you can find one to replace your first pet. Happy New Year! Wycklyn

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