Fan Mail with Fiona #38

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here!



Hey Fiona, when will the invite feature on my kinzchat phone be fixed? I tried it on some of my friends who had the green smiley face and the invite button didn’t appear. I will be pleased if Ganz will be able to repair that for sure! - Milkyrose4362 


It’s always nice to have a pal come around and visit for a spot, isn’t it? Nothing like taking them on a tour or playing a game of Checkers from the comforts of home. The team is definitely hard at work to bring that feature back to Webkinz World! You’ll have to stay tuned to Webkinz Newz — announcements will definitely make front page news!





Dear Fiona, Now when new members sign up they get a free pet. What about us older Webkinz members that never got a free pet? Are there any plans to give us older webkinz members a pet? We have stuck around webkinz for years and never got a free pet. Thanks for reading my question! -swimbryan



Thanks for writing! While it’s true that new members get a free pet, they are still very limited in what they can do in Webkinz World and must still purchase a Deluxe Membership or adopt a pet to get full access. There have been free pets given to everyone over the years — last year’s Decade Dragon, for one! — and you always have the option to create a new account if you like one of the free pets available.






Dear Fiona, Will Quizzy’s ever be on mobile? I think that would be so cool! Thanks! – Picia


Who doesn’t love Quizzy? So many questions, so many answers… I think Quizzy’s Question Corner is my favorite place in all of Webkinz World! Our technical wizards are working on adding all kinds of stuff to the mobile site — one day, there won’t be much difference at all between the mobile and browser versions of Webkinz World! I am definitely looking forward to answering my daily trivia questions on the go!





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100 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #38

  1. Calicocat67 says:

    Ganz for a drawing contest like anyone draw whatever webkinz they’ll like and if they win they get a online code for whatever they drew Lil Kinz webkinz and Signatures!

  2. Calicocat67 says:

    Dear Ganz I logged into webkinz world a while ago but I still only have 510 estore points! When I’m supposed to have 2000 and even so I did not spend them help #MissingEstorePoints

  3. webkinzheart1226 says:

    Hello! I love seeing all the different types of contests that are on here like room design contests, but I was wondering if you were ever thinking about making art contests on here? Maybe where the best 3 drawings get a digital code to whatever pet they would need to draw for the contest? I love looking at the fan art and I think those brilliant drawers should get the chance to win something on here for their art! If you happen to answer my question then thank you!

    • Calicocat67 says:

      I agree but instead of Ganz picking the webkinz we draw any webkinz and if we win we get a Free online code for any webkinz Lil Kinz Webkinz and even Signatures!

  4. Katf15 says:

    Dear Fiona Why can’t i trade with webkinz members more than once a day? i really wish that would change. Thanks

  5. rudyxv says:

    SWEET!!! Thx for the help!

  6. ebbe9443 says:

    There is a stage for 3 pets to sit on (three stools) when did it change that only one pet can sit on it? Or am I mistaken that the 3 stools only allowed one pet?

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