Farm Fresh Apples: MORE Secret Recipes Revealed!


In an earlier Secret Recipe Revealed story on Webkinz Newz we showed you how to make some delicious apple treats using last year’s Farm Fresh Apples, grown from the seeds given away during the 2016 Fall Fest.


The 2017 Fall Fest featured some NEW Green Apple Tree Seeds, while the 2017 Fall Fest Soda also gave away some NEW Maple Dipped Apple Seeds.





What we haven’t told you is that you can use the apples harvested from these seeds to make two NEW Secret Recipes!


Here’s how you can mix together the Farm Fresh Apples from last year and this year to make either a delicious Sweet Orchard Pie or a Sweet Orchard Shake!






***Update: The image for the Sweet Orchard Shake has been corrected to show that it is created on the stove and not the blender.


Want to know MORE Secret Recipes? Check out our Secret Recipe Archive here!


Have YOU been collecting Farm Fresh Apples? Let us know in the comments below!


95 Responses to Farm Fresh Apples: MORE Secret Recipes Revealed!

  1. dianadoodlebug says:

    Does anyone have these seeds? :D

  2. nettne2 says:

    I made a Deep Sea Barnacle Bagel today. where do we post a solved recipe?

  3. stinkum5 says:

    I need a farm fresh golden delicious apple.

  4. floofnoodle says:

    Ahhh these apple trees are awesome!! :D Especially the golden. I think I may have missed the event though because I don’t see the soda in the store anymore?

  5. BubbaC4 says:

    Can someone tell me how to send a friend request to Frog & recipe? I can’t figure it out and want to send them seeds for their apple trees that they need, thanks

  6. BubbaC4 says:

    where can I buy the maple seeds? I checked the eStore and can’t find them anywhere. does anyone know?

    • frodo says:

      I believe the only way to get them is by buying soda and getting the seeds by feeding the soda to your pet (and hopefully one of the prizes is the maple seeds) or by someone sending them to you. It can be really hard to get them!

  7. recipesleuth says:

    Ugh, these are awesome, but I need the candy, golden, and maple still. I tried to buy the soda and all I got were junk prizes :(

    • BubbaC4 says:

      U too recipe, I will check my dock and if I have a candy or golden seed packet, I will send you a friend request too, then send the seeds. I don’t have the maple either and can’t find where to buy. I know what its like not to have something and I will share if I have extra :)

    • emster7 says:

      Same here! I got like 3 gophers in one 6-pack. :( And I kept getting those crates of apples, which are cool, but I wanted trees!

  8. frodo says:

    For the first time in one of these festivals I have at least one tree of every kind to make these recipes. Waiting to harvest all the apples to make the delicious treats!

    • Davids1lilpixie says:

      Even if you could buy the soda there is absolutely positively no guarantee you’d get the seeds. I’ve learned that lesson after buying these things.

      • Davids1lilpixie says:

        Lol oops! Sorry, wrong commentor! Was directed to Redcream! *blush*

        • Froggit612 says:

          I spent a lot of money on soda and I only need the red apple tree. I am disabled but my Mom bought me Deluxe Membership and I get to buy Estore dollars every other month if I need them. I can’t play like other kids so she does it cuz Webkinz is my fav puter game. My cousin also plays Webkinz so if I really need something and she has it and doesn’t need it she sends it to me and I send her something she wants or I pay her Estore dollars cuz her Mom won’t buy for her. She is like a big sister to me, cuz I only have broothers who are way older than me. But I got the maple dipped apple seeds after buying 2 six packs of soda so it’s not easy cuz I didn’t get any Red apple seeds.

          • Froggit612 says:

            I forgot to say my cousin sent me the red apple tree seeds cuz thats the only seeds she got so she couldn’t make any recipes. I also amy going to send her apple treats once I make them.

          • BubbaC4 says:

            Frog, I will check and see if I have an extra red apple tree, if I do, I will send you a friend request and after you accept, I’ll send the seeds, okay?

          • GoGanz24 says:

            The red and green apple seeds came from catching leaves at the beginning of September, not from the soda.

          • hannah5banana says:

            @ Froggit612 I have extra red seeds. I’ll FR you and send you some. My WW In is chicklet711 :)

          • hannah5banana says:

            @ Froggit612 I just tried to add you and it says I can’t. If you can send me a FR @ chicklet711 and I’ll accept and get them to you that way.

          • cowtown2 says:

            froggit612 sorry I have just now been able to read on webkinz newz cause I couldn’t find out how I missed the gnomes, me and you have a story so much a like I am also disabled that’s how I got my webkinz and because my pet passed, my mom got it for me, and I have the green yellow and red tree, but no special tree, I would gladly send you free apples, I lost my mom, last aug, and my dad helps me now well we help each other not going to much of a Christmas but that’s ok we have each other is your friend name froggit612 I would like to friend you we are kinda in the same, wish you and your family a merry Christmas hope you every get to read this yo are like me, may god bless you and thank you mom and cousin for the help and everyone, I miss my mom so much my dad added me to deluxe to help and webkinz helps me this Christmas will be so sad, for me remember me to please, god bless us all, I aso have two brothers older but can’t come in because they have no vacation left because of our mother’s passing, they tried to help me and my dad, love to you and your family its like I almost wrote this myself had to say hi.

  9. redcream says:

    im not estore member so cant buy the soda to get the apples

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