Farm Kitten Community Challenge Day 5!



You did it! Here is your code for a


Adventure Community Cap



Above is your final task in the Farm Kitten Community Challenge! Remember – in a Community Challenge the whole community works together. You don’t have to do it on your own! We count ALL tasks and put the total toward the goal.


Come back here to Webkinz Newz tomorrow morning after 9:30am to see if you reached the goal. If you did, you’ll find a code for your prize!


Missed a previous day’s code? Find it here:

Bowl of Apples W242-7WZE-KJLC-XJD4

Orchard Apple Tree W247-5BHX-5H4G-PNNW

Apple Crate Fridge W24J-DWQ9-ZXE7-V7G4 


Redeem your prize by entering this code in the Code Shop when you log into Webkinz. Code expires at midnight EST on January 31, 2021.

84 Responses to Farm Kitten Community Challenge Day 5!

  1. thetwistedfrosty says:

    Anyone have ——– they would trade for ———?

  2. szivarvany5 says:

    Does anyone have a maple dipped apple tree seed packet they would be willing to send me? All my attempts to find it have failed. :) Thank you in advance!

  3. catlovers says:

    I’m so glad I can get another Adventure Scout Plaque!

  4. GabbieDaoust says:

    Does anyone know the code from yesterday for the hat? I forgot to punch it into code shop :( I even set an alarm and everything so I wouldn’t forget and then got distracted and didn’t type it in. I hope someone can help! I’ve been looking SO forward to the hat

  5. mabel3 says:

    You are all SOOOO sweet!! I have the seeds!!! BUT I don’t want to take advantage of your generous kindness. Please KEEP your seeds for your yourselves now as we can now make apple recipes to our heart’s content. I will accept any friend requests though as I am always happy to help in challenges and collections. Thanks again very much and I do hope you have a happy day! You’ve made mine special <3

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Ahhh! This is the day that I have been waiting for! Now to finish up this challenge!

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