Visit the Farmer’s Market!

Have you taken your produce to the Farmer’s Market this week? Farmer Will sets up his stall every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in Kinzville in Webkinz Next.

He’s always looking for fresh produce! Growing your own crops and selling them to Farmer Will is a great way to earn KinzCash!



The Farmer’s Market offers a fun trip out for your pet! Grab up to three exclusive treats from Will’s pantry, have a bounce on the bouncy castle, and get your pet’s face painted with butterflies that follow them around for 20 minutes!




It’s also the perfect place to find more seeds, including exclusive plants you can’t find at the WShop! And on your very first visit to the Market, Farmer Will will give you a Farmer’s Plot. You can place this in your pet’s yard and grow plants that have a rare chance of providing you with a Competition Crop. Competition Crops vary in size can be displayed in your pet’s room. And you can enter your Competition Crops into competition at the Farmer’s Market for a chance to earn a prize!



Mark your calendars to visit Farmer Will at the Farmer’s Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!





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12 Responses to Visit the Farmer’s Market!

  1. duckess1 says:

    At least you can still plant crops! I have not been able to plant any new plants for almost a week now. I need to grow more vegetables soon or I will not have any left!

  2. marroncream says:

    I love the farmers market a lot, I think it’s a great new addition but I wish there was a little bit more going on to pull me in everytime its open- like more stalls or activities. Loving everything so far though!!

  3. biscotti says:

    Are we still able to get multiple vegetables sometimes from plants in the farmer’s plot? I have not gotten any multiples for a while now and am wondering if that feature has been taken away from the plot or is it just a glitch that will be fixed soon?

  4. Nickelcat says:

    I have not received a multiple crop from the farmer’s plot for several weeks and it was not mentioned in the article above. Is that no longer a possibility?

  5. lemony says:

    Would love to see fruit trees and garlic, mushrooms and beets. Would also be great to have one day out of the month where we can sell unlimited crops. Please allow competition crops to be placed outside on the ground instead of on tables.

    • Sonari says:

      Agree with all of this. I love the Farmer’s Market and farming in general! Once again I’d like to ask for a better way of replacing exhausted plants though, having to plant them all individually every time is horrible and buggy. I’d also like to see more plants types, as lemony suggested, including perhaps a farmer’s plot that allows for planting those crops which currently cannot be planted in it. I would like to have a competition apricot, for example, to decorate with! =) Really love this feature – it could really use some tweaks (replanting nightmare) but that only matters because it’s already so much fun!

      • lemony says:

        The buggy gardening is a nuisance. I have areas that have been harvested and can not plant in them again. I too would love a potted plant plot! Great ideas!

        • gemrysforest says:

          Seconded on the nightmare of replanting. Something that would make it immensely better is just quietly receiving the Dirt material, instead of having that annoying box pop up and have to be clicked away. For a couple plants, maybe no big deal, but when you have entire fields, it is horrific. (Also it’d be great if it always awarded a dirt for each exhausted crop, because I am pretty sure mine is not awarding all of them each time, even after logging out and back in to check again.) Competition versions of the potted plants would be fantastic, for sure. And new seeds. Maybe even some fantasy seeds, like plantable versions of classic Tree dispensers.

        • gemrysforest says:

          Lemony, try checking your editing settings when the Farmer’s Plot rejects replanting. I suddenly cannot remember at all which way it goes, so basically if your Advanced Editing is on and the plot is refusing plants, cut it off and try again, or vice-versa. Also — because I have to presume other accounts have this problem — another planting/editing issue I’ve had is this: say I return to the house from anything in town, either for a pet request to decorate or or just to check before logging out and discover my latest harvest is ready. Sometimes when exhausted plants eek out their last and I try to replant, no ground will accept the plant, it just ghosts in my dock and hovers over the ground in weird ways (and same for decorating requests…the item won’t ‘land’, it won’t register, and usually I have to log out and log back in, which of course invalidates the whole thing, and I have to wait around for that pet to ask again.)

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