February’s Peek-A-Newz Sneak Peek

The Lovely Love Kitten pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this February, and he’s got a bunch of prizes you might win!


From February 1 until February 28, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Lovely Love Kitten 5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a WKN January Gift Box. Open it to receive a random prize from the February Prize Pool…including one of two BRAND NEW pieces of furniture exclusive to Webkinz Newz!



Amethyst Birthstone Gem Lamp (Common)
Amethyst Hound Window (Uncommon, NEW)
Be Mine Sneakers (Common)
City Skyline Armchair (Common, WKN Exclusive)
City Skyline Fridge (Common, WKN Exclusive)
City Skyline SideTable (Common, WKN Exclusive)
City Skyline Sofa (Common, WKN Exclusive)
City SkylineTuckaway Trunk (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Ebony and Cream Crescent Dining Chair (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Ebony and Cream Squares Coffee Table (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Ebony Dreams Low Bed (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Floral Bean Bag Chair (Uncommon, NEW)
Glass Top Purple Stove (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Heart Warming Wall Art (Common)
Lavender Swirls Wallpaper (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Lavish Lavender Rug (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Love Chocolate (Common)
Love Topiary (Uncommon)
Metro Purple Painting (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Metro Purple Panel Painting (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Pink and Blue Hoodie (Common)
Pisces Symbol Wall Decoration (Common)
Plumpy’s Engagement Bracelet (Uncommon)
Pretty Pink Roses (Common)
Sweetheart Bed (Uncommon)
Trendy Purple TV (Common, WKN Exclusive)
Tri-Mirror Ebony Dresser (Common, WKN Exclusive)

64 Responses to February’s Peek-A-Newz Sneak Peek

  1. FunnyKinz says:

    I really want the dresser.

  2. cowtown2 says:

    Ok com on city skyline bed send out many of these cause I haven’t got one yet has anyone else thank you for the green bean bag it is so pretty now I wish I got that green couch even more. Can you bring that back and maybe a theme in it it’s pretty but chAnge it from the skyline look make it spring looking thanks have a great day everyone.

  3. DancerIz says:

    I can’t find anywhere else to leave this comment, but hopefully Webkinz will see it and fix the problem. None of the log-in links are working today (2/15). First I went to events to get the daily drink meal. I followed the links, but when I click to submit on the log-in pop-up nothing happens. I tried to submit several time, all with the same result. Giving up, I kept playing and found the Valentine floaty clicky. Following the links, I got to the log-in pop-up, and got the same result when I clicked on the submit button. Again, giving up, I went on to do the love kitty challenge. I entered the event, and went on to find the cat 5 times, got the congratulations screen, entered the information on the log-in screen, and again got nothing when I clicked the submit button. How frustrating! I need to get to school now, but hopefully I can try again later and hopefully it will be fixed. It’s no fun playing games that don’t work.

    • horsecrazygirl963 says:

      You should make an account with GANZ WORLD. It might work for you that way. It is linked to your account and you don’t have to go through the extra steps. You will also be getting the GANZ WORLD MONEYZ that you can accumulate and spend on some really great prizes.

  4. tinygma says:

    I have 1 outside room lined in the back with these fridges side ways like a wall . Added a bridge and PANSY’s in front with other garden flowers and outside furniture for a pretty outside room with a (STORAGE) wall .

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