Find Out What You Can Win During Your Next Recess!



When was the last time you went to Recess at the Kinzville Academy? The next time you do, you’ll notice that brand new prizes have been added to the schoolyard!



Players who spin the Merry Go Round wheel during Recess will have the chance to win 1 of 8 prizes, including the new Superintendent Portrait. No wheel prizes were retired this time around. The KinzCash prize slot was replaced with the Superintendent Portrait so now you are guaranteed to win a prize with each spin!


Here’s a closer look at all the prizes you can win on the Merry Go Round:



Every time you finish Recess, Ms. Cowoline will give you a special packed lunch that you can drag into your room to open. Each packed lunch includes a snack, drink and a tasty meal that your pet will enjoy.



The next time you open a packed lunch, you’ll have the chance to find the 3 new foods that are sure to earn an A+ with our students. You’ll also want to check your fridge for any leftovers from a previous packed lunch because 3 foods have been subtracted from the menu:



We will be adding new Buried Treasure prizes during our next update on September 26th, so stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to find out what you’ll be able to uncover in the sandbox.


Remember, you will unlock Recess each time you sign up your pet for 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy! Remember, a “full day” of class is when you try any 3 classes with your pet.


When was the last time you took Recess with your pet? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


61 Responses to Find Out What You Can Win During Your Next Recess!

  1. slk says:

    Aw shucks – I don’t have any of the retired items. :(

  2. TropicalGirl says:

    Thank you so much, Ganz friends, for always listening listening to players. I am happy to receive either KC or prizes, but I’ve noticed lots of requests to take KC off the wheels, so this is a great change.

  3. gmatiny says:

    CLEAN YOUR ROOMS make way for acorn collecting !! Be SURE TO EMPTY WALL SPACE !!

  4. kitterztoo says:

    Does anyone have the retired food they could send me? I’ve been gone for a few years and don’t have any of the food from recess—especially the retired one. My WW ID is the same as here. Thanks in advance!

  5. fayeandlily says:

    I really want the Library Desk or Principal’s Office Desk, but it seems like the only prize I can get is the Science Station.

  6. uamazeme says:

    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you for removing the KinzCash from the merry-go-round. Thank-you for adding the Superintendent Poster to the prize pool.

  7. shelbylucky says:

    Pleased to see there is a new prize to be won. Very happy the the KinzCash has been removed the the merry-go-round. Thank you!!!

  8. bonesbongo says:

    I am so happy that you finally decided to remove the KinzCash from the merry-go-round prize pool. KinzCash is good and easy enough to earn playing in the arcade, going to the academy doing jobs and when you log out but I don’t think that we should be awarded with this as a prize on the wheels! When I spin the wheels I want to win something that I can show. I am able to earn a recess for going to the Kinzville Academy for 15 days completing the tasks. For doing this I want to be rewarded with something that I am able to display for all the hard work I have done. Believe me some of the task are not very easy.

    • bonesbongo says:

      Glad to see there is a new prize available the Superintendent Portrait is the only prize I don’t have. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to get it. :}

  9. ilovewebbies says:

    I’m so happy that the KinzCash has been removed from the merry-go-round. I want the Superintendent Portrait.

  10. 2manywebbies2count says:

    So glad the the KinzCash has finally been removed from the merry-go-round! I was really tired of receiving KinzCash when I earned the recess. I landed on the KinzCash four times in a row, I was disappointed when this happened. I
    like the Superintendent Portrait, I have collected all the other prizes, now I’m working to get the portrait.

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