Find out what’s inside the Webkinz Husky’s Retirement Gift Box!


Congratulations to all Webkinz Husky owners! Your pet is retiring this month! Remember to pick up your Retirement Gift Box from Today’s Activities on Sunday, December 28th:



When you open your gift box by dragging and dropping it in your pet’s room, you’ll be awarded a Husky Poster, an Adventure Parka, a Getaway Cupcake and a Wish Token:



If you are a Husky owner, remember that you can play the Counting Sailboats game EVERY Sunday throughout December. You can access the game from Today’s Activities.



Congratulations Webkinz Husky owners…. your pet is now a collector’s item!


100 Responses to Find out what’s inside the Webkinz Husky’s Retirement Gift Box!

  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    And plus I named mine after my older friend slagter who doesn’t play Webkinz anymore.

  2. Chocolatepuppy64 says:

    I have one but is it both the large and small or what because on one account I have a large and I played the game with that one but then on my other account I have a small one and it wouldn’t let me play the game Can anyone help me out here?

  3. isana7 says:

    i think they are trying to leave room for the new gingerbread puppy. i like the husky better.

  4. danikayf says:

    I hope that lil’kinz would count because I have one named Skyler but I want a regular named Meashka

  5. Prettykitty362 says:

    i have a husky named Maxwell

  6. Belle1504 says:

    i have 4 huskys and i named them frost snowbelle eve and sadie <3

  7. alexraine1 says:

    I don’t know why, but when my pet retired i couldn’t do anything at all with him. It drove me nuts trying to figure out what was wrong, but surprisingly failed. I was SO MAD!!!!

  8. RainbowReptile says:

    I’m SO glad I have the Leopard Lizard, a retired webkinz! I’ve collected all the webkinz lizards and before I got him, he was already retired. I’m relieved I got him on my b-day before he was totally gone. But I guess I missed out on his retirement giftbox. I also have the retired Fox.

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