Find the Berry Ads and Win! June 16 – 18

In honor of this year’s Berry Fest, which begins on June 19 in Webkinz World, we’re giving away Bonus Berries!


From June 16 – 18, look for the 6 ads featuring the Berry Cheeky Monkey and click on them to win a Berry that you can add to your Jars of Preserves in Jumbleberry Fields.


There is one each of six berries to collect:


  • Jumbleberry
  • Sugarberry
  • Pickleberry
  • Moonberry
  • Goo Goo Berry
  • Polar Berry


The Polar Berry and Goo Goo Berry ads will be harder to find. Feed the Polar Berry and Goo Goo Berry to your pets to win a prize, including a chance to win one of the Grand Prizes,  a Goo Goo Berry Car and a Polar Berry Car!

64 Responses to Find the Berry Ads and Win! June 16 – 18

  1. DancerIz says:

    Dear Webkinz, I found all of the ads. I entered them on June 30. They all worked except the Goo-Goo berry. I rechecked to be sure that I entered correctly, but it just doesn’t work. Can someone fix this please? Thank you, DancerIz

  2. kat6401 says:

    is it 6 berries a day or is it 6 once and done?

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