Find the Daisy Diner Waitress Dress on eStore! FREE CODE!


The Mango Gecko was late for work and couldn’t find their uniform! Can you help? They’re pretty sure that after they changed last night they dropped the uniform while they were shopping for Veggie Fest items at eStore.


Luckily Daisy gave the Gecko a backup uniform, so the Gecko says that if you can find all the pieces of the uniform, you can keep it!



Find the dress by following the clues to collect all the pieces of a Community Code. Then enter in the Code Shop when you log into your Webkinz account. The Code Shop can be found under the Things To Do menu.


Here’s how to find the dress:

  • Follow the clue below to find the first piece of the code at Ganz eStore.
  • When you find the first piece of the code, you’ll also find your next clue.
  • Keep following all of the clues until you have all the pieces of the code
  • Enter the code at the Code Shop to have the dress added to your account.


Here is your first clue. Good luck!


You’re sure to be in the hot seat when you sit down on this spicy red chair from the Veggie theme!




31 Responses to Find the Daisy Diner Waitress Dress on eStore! FREE CODE!

  1. bubbashuka says:

    How fun, thank you!

  2. Maddie4 says:

    I got the dress but what about the other pieces? It says if you find them you can keep them.

  3. oliver1025 says:

    Thas was fun, should have more of these! :-)

  4. twdfan says:

    this was so fun . thank you for this event

  5. dwtsfan says:

    i love the dress

  6. nanamama12 says:

    This was so much fun! I think that I may be getting better at these things now!

  7. sarahlyn08 says:

    well I cant find this spicy red chair hmmmm…help?

  8. habibi24 says:

    Thanks for the fun way to earn the diner dress! It’s very pretty too. :)

  9. sparkles1117 says:

    thank you it was fun.

  10. myJbees says:

    That was fun!

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