Find the Farm Fresh Egg Ads! April 28 – 30

April 29, Webkinz Day, is when the adorable new fan-designed Axolotl by taydarsauce becomes available in eStore. There were so many wonderful entries in the Pet Design Contest, but one cute entry really caught our attention.


The Farm Fresh Egg by worldcombiner earned an honorable mention, and now this sweet design has been turned into an adorable outfit for your pet.


This weekend, from April 28 to 30, everyone in Webkinz World has a chance to earn all three pieces of the Farm Fresh Egg Costume. Just look for the ads featuring the new Axolotl and Farm Fresh Egg Costume. When you find the ads, click on them for a Community Code for one piece of the costume.


On Friday, April 28, hatch a plan to find the ad with the Farm Fresh Egg Helmet.



On Saturday, April 29, get cracking to find the ad with the Farm Fresh Egg Suit.



And on Sunday, April 30, if you’re clucky, you’ll find the ad with the Farm Fresh Egg Shoes.



Click on the ads to be taken to Webkinz Newz where you will find your FREE Community Code! This code awards one item per Webkinz account and expires at midnight on June 30, 2017.

This event requires ads to be turned on.

159 Responses to Find the Farm Fresh Egg Ads! April 28 – 30

  1. wiki10 says:

    i didn’t find the ad for the shoes

  2. petthepest says:

    It’s adorable! Congratulations worldcombiner!

  3. happyjig213 says:

    I never found them looked for three days… THREE DAYS ALL DAY!!! :-C

  4. KayPlotts says:

    I wrote down the code wrong for the egg suit. Is there anything I can do?

      • batsgirl3 says:

        I just emailed the webkinzsupport to try to get the codes (usually when they have a lot of people having trouble finding them, they’ll give out the codes,) but I’m not hopeful on hearing from them as I’ve emailed them twice before on other issues over the last couple of years and never heard anything from them, even to tell me that they’re not going to help.

  5. 1missangel2 says:

    Saturday and Sunday ads could never find. Looked all day.

  6. Amygirl113 says:

    Found them all and cute outfit. Just wish could put in storage unit or kinzpost them.

  7. MidnightFireflies17 says:

    I found the codes online and they worked so its all good now :)

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