Find The Marshmallow Ads!

The Marshmallow Collection Event is on from July 1 to 31!


And from July 14 to 16, you have a chance to win even more summer prizes! Look around Webkinz World to find the ads with the Marshmallows to win an awesome Campkinz Counselor uniform that includes brand new Campkinz Counselor Hat and Shoes!


It’s simple. Just look for these ads around Webkinz World and click on them. You’ll be taken to a page on Webkinz Newz with a Community Code that you can enter at the Code Shop on to redeem your prize. Codes award one prize per Webkinz World account and expire at midnight EST on September 30, 2017.


There is a different ad to find each day.


On July 14, look for the ad with the Campkinz Counselor Hat:



On July 15, find the ad to get the Campkinz Counselor Shoes:



And on July 16, look for the final ad to get the Campkinz Counselor Outfit:







Good luck!

54 Responses to Find The Marshmallow Ads!

  1. dinkers10 says:

    The code for the hat on July 14 didn’t work either for me that day; and I was so sad that I didn’t wrote it down, cos I read later the next day, other people’ worked/got the hat. Now I am out of the hat!

  2. ggram says:

    Have 7 accounts from all over the world, spent well over 10hrs (I open more than 1 account at a time) the 14th and 15th and have not seen 1 ad. Not going to bother looking any more, this happens way too often to us.

  3. cmsrockz1 says:

    Did anyone get the wallpaper for collecting marsh mellows I collected all an no wallpaper. cmsrockz

  4. FreeBird says:

    found no ad yesterday (14th) and I was everywhere

  5. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol as per usual, I found no ad to get the hat code, despite going everywhere and doing everything possible to get it to show up and with everything turned on, lol

  6. SteveMc says:

    Yay, all the codes are working for me too. Just found the shoes. Thanks, Ganz.

  7. hpquinlan says:

    the code i received yesterday didn’t work; i thought i’d copied it down wrong. now i am banned from the code shop for a day. : (

  8. Amygirl113 says:

    Both codes (hat and estore one) worked for me now while they didn’t this morning – thanks for getting them fixed. Love the hat.

  9. TRINSTER says:

    codes are working now! thanks!

  10. natalie13 says:

    I like the hat , Found it ! Thanks

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