Find the missing Kitten!


Update: Excellent work! Both the puppy and the kitten have been rescued! Just one more camper to find!


Great work, scouts! You rescued the Puppy Love Pup!  But there are still two campers missing! February 6 and 7, we still have to organize search parties to locate them!


Today we’re on the search for the Fleecy Soft Kitten. Scan the forest below. Once you’ve located the Kitten, it’ll be time to rest up tomorrow so click on it for a packet of Adventure Trail Mix.


Good luck! The campers are counting on us!


18 Responses to Find the missing Kitten!

  1. mintfudge says:

    I forgot to check Newz the past two days, I guess you had to find them day of as it doesn’t work now :(

  2. mikethesquirt says:

    Today is the 7th and it did not work. The directions said we could click on it on the 6th and the 7th. What happened? I wanted to help find the animals.

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