Flanpyre: Mega Recipe Revealed!


Requiring 5 ingredients, the Mega Stove has some of the most difficult Secret Recipes in all of Webkinz World! Since so many have gone unsolved over the years, we’ve decided to throw a lifeline to all of our recipe detectives by revealing the solution for the fang-tastic Flanpyre!


Use your Mega Stove (available in the Kitchen section of the WShop) to combine the following 5 ingredients:





Combine them together and you’ll have something your pet can really sink their teeth into!


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Which Mega Recipe foods are YOUR favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


47 Responses to Flanpyre: Mega Recipe Revealed!

  1. KittyXCat says:

    Lol, is the Adventure Scout Lean-to suppose to make your pets say stuff they would say when they eat?

  2. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my, goodness! One that even I don’t have!!!! I had so much fun adding this to my ‘cookbook’!!!! I even have a new Mega Stove as my Gazpacho one is mega!

  3. TygerWings says:

    i just had a flan last night on our first dinner out in a looooong time! we did it all; appetizers, fancy drinks, dessert with coffee…. its so important to support our local businesses whenever we can!

  4. emster7 says:

    That’s so pretty! I’m going to make one today!

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    Thats a cool food you made there! I want to talk to Sally Webkinz and say can you make more clothing recipes? I would love to chat with her and know if you can make any Srping, Christmas, Summer, Fall, Halloween. It was just to let y’all know so I really owuld like it if Sally could talk to me! And again the food looks great!

    • catloverdoglover says:


      • catloverdoglover says:

        Sally Webkinz I was wonding if you could make new clothign recipes??

        • megamom12 says:

          I’m for that. Post some of the older recipes that we still need (like the Highland Jacket) I’m looking forward to the older Fashion Week event or even a new one. Those are really fun! Like the bake sales where you can ‘cook up’ a new window! OH! That reminds me! I need the items for 2 more Campkinz Lake Tiles! I need to finish off the ‘pool’ for my swim class.

          • catloverdoglover says:

            jWow you are makign a swim class? I have always wanted to do that but when I was little while playing Webkinz I sold all the good stuff. I really am mad at myself. But look on the bright side for me I could try to get them back in the at the Trading Room and I wish I could go to the Trading Room when you are a free player. But I feel so bad when I was a free player I could not go into the tranding room when i had good stuff to trade but now I am not DELUX but I am not a free player. I am like the middle thing. Lol

  6. mochidochi says:

    Looks like I’m gonna have to buy one of those stoves!

  7. ojibwa says:

    I can actually see how these combine to make this gorgeous flan! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  8. lucinda5050kinz says:

    For today for the shopping spree I didn’t get a Haunted hotel servers dress, I got a zombie coustum.

  9. g2u3c4c5i says:

    I got the trophy! Thanks so much for the recipe Ganz!

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