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14 Responses to Follow Us On Social Media!

  1. cowtown2 says:

    had the token issue as well, I play classic, but after I logged out and back to see if the coins was a mistake, i cant get the game to reload, has this happened to any one else, thanks, the game wont load just half way, thanks any help, I emailed the webkinz team, just the next game I’m new to it, I play classic, thanks, don’t use any off these yet I did do Facebook. and love to watch you tube,

  2. MJCM44 says:

    y’all should get SnapChat

  3. bowling0513 says:

    i am having trouble with summer vacation week 3 on webkinz next. For one of the tasks you need to purchase 3 tokens from the arcade. I bought 4 and I got no points.

  4. Funny283 says:

    Hi Sally! I’m playing Season 5 on Webkinz Next. On week 3 where it says “purchase 3 game tokens from the arcade shop” is where I got stuck. I bought 3. And it didn’t give me points!! I logged in and out, reset the game cache, and bought 2 more game tokens. It still didn’t give me any points… Any way of fixing this without contacting Thank you Sally! -Wizard Knucklewish 1

  5. FoxesRule612 says:

    I only use Facebook, Instagram, and (soon to be) YouTube. TikTok is too weird and in-your-face for me, and I’ve heard too much bad stuff about Tumblr and Twitter. But of course I’m already following Webkinz on all my social media accounts. :)

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