Free Code for a Kinzville Pinball Hat!


Kinzville Pinball is the newest game in Webkinz Next!





The game is designed to operate just like an original pinball machine. Use the spacebar to launch the ball and arrow keys to control the flippers.


Can you light up all five gems in the crown of wonder? If you do, the game will enter Bonus Mode and four balls will be added to the board!



Kinzville Pinball is a unique 3D experience only available in Webkinz Next. We’re so excited about its release that we designed an exclusive Kinzville Pinball Hat.





Use the code KINZVILLEPINBALL in the Webkinz Next W Shop to redeem your Kinzville Pinball Hat. And, be sure to wear your hat this weekend to celebrate our newest game!



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12 Responses to Free Code for a Kinzville Pinball Hat!

  1. sunnyten10 says:

    I wish you’d give us 5 balls. 3 balls go way too fast.

  2. kiwikat says:

    love the hat and love the game, but my flippers are a little delayed when I hit the ball! Usually I end up losing it!? :( maybe Webkinz can tweek it a little lol

  3. wingsfan65 says:

    Thanks for the cool cap! :D

  4. webkinzwizard02 says:

    Thank you for the code!

  5. kboles15 says:

    I agree with the earlier poster about the low payout. In addition, I played yesterday and really enjoyed it. Today I played and it was like a different game. The game was slower and the ball didn’t bounce as much. My high score today was 4000 points LOWER than my high score yesterday (about half as many points). All my scores were very low compared to yesterday. The game just didn’t seem to play the same. If today’s play is going to be the normal way, I will likely stop playing this one.

  6. caseyspacey says:

    Just thinking of this, but GANZ should put a pinball arcade game in classic. I liked these as a kid.

  7. grandmaback says:

    Thanks for the hat. I’ve played a few times but I don’t seem to have much control so with such a random out come and very low payout it’s just OK.

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