FREE eStore Point Give-A-Way!


Fluffington St. Bernard, the richest Webkinz in Kinzville, has announced that he will be giving away MILLIONS of eStore Points FOR FREE! All you need to do to claim your FREE points is login to Webkinz World on February 19th. We asked Fluffington to explain:



WEBKINZ NEWZ: “Is it true that you are giving away eStore Points for free?”


FLUFFINGTON: “Yes, it’s true! February’s a month to show others that you care, so I thought it would be nice to give away estore Points to EVERYONE in Kinzville as a special treat!”


WEBKINZ NEWZ: “How many points are you giving away?”


FLUFFINGTON: “Well… it’s hard to tell exactly. I will be giving everyone 2000 points EACH! That’s MILLIONS of eStore points if you think about… There are so many KinzFolk living in Kinzville!”


WEBKINZ NEWZ: “How can people claim their points?”


FLUFFINGTON: “All you need to do to get your 2000 FREE eStore Points is login to Webkinz World anytime between February 19th and April 1st, 2014″


WEBKINZ NEWZ: “This is exciting! I wonder what I will buy with mine?”





How will YOU spend your 2000 eStore points? Leave a comment below…


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  1. Redpill1101911 says:

    I want a new per

  2. Redpill1101911 says:

    Thank you so much

  3. pandalover2007 says:

    can we get them in 2018

  4. 10DINO100 says:


  5. Mreeha says:

    Can we get them in 2018?

  6. Elly1228 says:

    i love this site

  7. abbs1244 says:

    can we get them in 2018?

  8. target5678 says:

    i am going to buy a new pet and make its home super cool and make him really helfy and buy more stuff to make his life amazing XD

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