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May’s birthstone is the Emerald. Emeralds are gems that come in beautiful shades of green, and depending on the quality an emerald can cost more than a diamond! Emeralds are part of the Beryl family of stones. Beryl is a gem that comes in different colors. The green in emeralds is caused by chromium or vanadium.

Emeralds used to be thought to help people foresee the future, and some people think emeralds have properties that aid health, love and happiness.

Emeralds can be found all over the world, from Africa to Asia and there are even emeralds found in the United States. But some of the most valuable emeralds come from Colombia in South America.

Because emeralds are so valuable, scientists have created synthetic emeralds that can be grown in a laboratory. It’s almost impossible to tell synthetic emeralds from the real thing. Scientists even put cracks in them to make them look more realistic.

 Emeralds are the perfect birthstone for May because in the spring, everything is green and growing. If your birthday is in May, you can boast that your birthstone is the beautiful, rare and valuable emerald!

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  1. lippizaner9 says:

    I never knew so much about emeralds! AMAZING!!!!!!

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  3. Patty says:

    My Birtday is on May and I love emeralds

  4. christas says:

    Great month its my brithday month love the EMERALD :)

  5. boamoensfromwebkinz says:

    i found a real emerald once that was 1 inch wide and abous 1 inch long :D

  6. tThomas says:

    let me enter

  7. pugs611 says:

    Cool! my birthday is June 11th.monday,if you did not know.It is the month after yours!

  8. pugs611 says:

    My birthstone keeps changing. :0( Not good. But sometimes it is moonstone. my favorite gem!

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