Fun to Be Young Theme Added to the Curio Shop!


The Fun to be Young theme has been added to the Curio Shop as the latest rare room theme! This former Deluxe monthly room theme is now available to everyone and will appear randomly in the Curio Shop rotation of rares!



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As mentioned in our earlier Newz story, in order to make room in the rotation, we’ve now retired the Aztec theme.



Which items from the Fun to be Young theme are YOUR favorites? Let us know in the comments below!





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43 Responses to Fun to Be Young Theme Added to the Curio Shop!

  1. hannahraw says:

    I just returned to webkinz and am very sad to hear that you retired the Aztec theme as I only have a few items from it. I hope someday you are willing to bring it back or do a special event to be able to get items

  2. Universe7727 says:

    Any idea when these items will start showing up? I really want the lunar lugbotz wall stickers for my Dex collection!

  3. kaylinjolly says:

    I prefer the aztec theme. I like the historical and cultural aspect

  4. Elizabeh says:

    When did this come out !? I totally missed it and was only gone for about 2 – 3 years. The rooms usually stay around that long, but I’ve never seen this. I like that flooring and wall paper but I love those owl stickers. Owls and moose are my favorite animals but I never got a single one of Webkinz gorgeous owls, tho my daughters did. I like that little bit of orange in the wall paper. Orange does not really play that big a part in webkinz and it is my favorite colour.

    • HorseQueen318 says:

      I believe it was 2015 or 16. Aww, really? That’s so cool!! Hugs, Alex <3

    • JoyfulLark says:

      I don’t remember this room theme either. I’ve also been checking the Curio Shop regularly but still haven’t seen any of these items yet. I hope they make them show up more often.

    • Woof02120 says:

      None of the items have been in the Curio Shop yet. This theme was gifted to Deluxe players, similar to how the Retro Rainbow theme is now. The theme was first available from late 2016 until mid 2017, but I’ve seen it awarded during challenges intermittently since. I was disappointed that they switched out the Aztec theme. First, it and the Egyptian theme were beautiful. Second, the Aztec theme contained so many more items than It’s Fun To Be Young. Better stock up on the Persian theme while I still can…

  5. TRINSTER says:

    Those owls stickers made me realize that an owl themed room is a real possibility. I bet if I went on a scavenger hunt in my mansion I could come up with a lot of cool owl items!

  6. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    Preeeeeeeeeeetty sure this was Deluxe for a reason..?

  7. InTheGarden2010 says:


  8. upd0g says:

    ohhh especially like the shelves and wardrobe – they remind me of the kids theme but a little more modern :)

    • nanamama12 says:

      That’s a valid observation! I already like to mix the W-Shop Kids Theme with the Curio Shop Kids Theme to make a more complete room. Using these as well sounds like a great idea.

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