GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: November 13th – November 19th!


Welcome to our weekly feature, listing the GAME OF THE DAY in the Webkinz World Arcade each week!



When a game is featured as the GAME OF THE DAY in the Arcade (on web and the desktop app ONLY) that means it’s available for EVERYONE to play, even if it’s normally for Deluxe Members only!


The Game of the Day also awards BONUS KINZCASH, so if you’ve been waiting to a play a specific game, there’s no better time to play!


Here’s a look at the schedule for the week of November 13th until November 19th:




Which games are YOU most excited to see on the GAME OF THE DAY schedule? Let us know in the comments below!


12 Responses to GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: November 13th – November 19th!

  1. laylawnee says:

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in on Webkinz next? I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but there is an error message when reinstalling. The opening page will load but when trying to log in , nothing happens.

  2. mfaull says:

    Good mix of games this week! I love Dex!

  3. TRINSTER says:

    I love the Lunar Lugbots game!

  4. mochidochi says:

    I would really appreciate tips on Hide N’ Skunk — I can’t figure it out at all!

    • percaroma says:

      It is similar to the old Microsoft Minesweeper game. A number tells you how many spots (of the 8 spots touching that number) touching that square have skunks. If you have a 1 and only 1 hidden square is touching that number, then there is a skunk on that spot-don’t touch it. Now, let’s say you have a single line of hidden squares with a 1 at a single hidden square, and the numbers next to the hidden line are 1112122, the first two ones are touching the single end square, leave first one hidden and clear the next two spots…the fourth block (next to 3rd 1) would be hidden spot, next one can be cleared because you have located the the 1′s hidden square. So, the square next to the two would be clear and the next spot (diagonal to the 2) would be a skunk.
      Which takes care of 11211, then you clear the diagonal next to the 1 and for the 22, the first one is hidden, the next is clear and the next is hidden. I know it’s confusing, but keep at it…it will start to make sense.

  5. mojo18x2 says:

    if i switch to the new app do i lose everything and have to start all over buying new pets and stuff

  6. Wingsfan65 says:

    Zingoz Pop! is my favourite of the ones featured this week. Jumbleberry Blast hasn’t worked for me in Webkinz Classic or the all-new (3D) Webkinz –it stays stuck on the tutorial screen. Maybe it’ll work on the desktop app for Windows–I’m not Deluxe so I’ll try it there on Nov. 15th. Love the unlimited plays for so many games on Webkinz Classic!

  7. FoxesRule612 says:

    Lots of Deluxe games this week! Thanks, Ganz! =D

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